Rare Super Moon occurs on November 14th, 2016. “Become the Bull!”

A rare Super Moon is happening on November 14th, 2016 at 22 degrees 38′ Taurus (exact on 8:52 am EST).  What’s a Super Moon?  It’s when the full moon is at perigee (the point where the Moon is the closest to the earth during its orbit). And this one is special.  NASA reports that the last time the moon was this close to earth was in 1948!

A full Moon in Taurus is a very “earthy” moon (earth element = grounded, practical material matters) so it is good for dealing with your finances and possessions.  It is also great for love relationships.  And since the Moon will be making a sextile to Chiron, it can help bring a moderate amount of healing, security, and stability to all of these areas.  With all the turmoil and upset happening due to the recent USA election, this Moon might help us all to calm down a little bit and go back to our more regular routines, if only for just a few days.

This Moon is also about getting physical. Taurus is an energy that emphasizes the 5 senses – touch, taste, sight, sound and smell. So it’s a great time to indulge these now. Get a massage (or give one), cook up a storm, gaze at some gorgeous art, sing or dance, or delight in some really great incense or essential oils.  Venus-ruled Taurus adores beauty, so it is a good time to create a little more beauty in your life.  Rearrange your furniture.  Redecorate.  Others may enjoy doing beauty treatments or shopping for clothes or jewelry.  

Do get outside if you can on the 13th and 14th– because you can’t get more earthy than a Taurus moon. Spend time in nature and feel yourself as a creature that is fundamentally part of the earth (not just walking around on top of it). Tend your plants. Build something. Do something nice for your physical health. And of course, if all that seems like too much work, you can just make love and then sleep all day – two activities that the Taurus energy excels at!

This moon is also good for creating a strong emotional or physical foundation to build on for the future. So if you have started a project and want to solidify it, do so now. It’s a great time for reinforcing or consolidating ventures.  Or to strengthen a particular personality trait you wish to enhance.  Pure Taurus energy is fixed, immovable and stubborn like the proverbial bull that is its symbol. This lends strength and conviction to your desires and values. So set your intentions for the future and use this energy to your benefit.  Become the Bull!scottish-hochlandrind-1613661_1920

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