The Warrior Queen: Venus Retrograde in Aries, March 4th through April 15th, 2017

What’s in store for love and finances in March and April of 2017?  The answer lies largely with the planet Venus.  Venus is currently retrograde in Aries, turning the sweet little planet of love into a Warrior Queen.   Aries typically governs assertiveness, aggression, and conflict and Venus is in her detriment here (Astrology-speak for:  Venus is not a happy camper traveling through the sign of Aries.)  The result?   It is a dynamic and challenging time for love matters and relationships of all kind.

Ancient astrologers considered Venus retrograde to be a bad time for love relationships, but most astrologers would agree that the energy she brings during this time can still be used in positive and productive ways. Retrograde motion is associated with a period when we are offered a chance to go back to prior issues in our lives and sort them out. When Venus is retrograde, then, we are given the opportunity to go back and resolve difficulties that plagued our relationships in the past. It may feel frustrating that we can’t seem to make any real forward gains in our relationships at this time, but when Venus is retrograde, the only real way to move forward is to go back.  In fact, this retro period might even literally throw you back into an old relationship again—one that you thought was finished long ago. So March and April may find us going back to old friends, lovers, and business partners again, for better or for worse.

pair-707506_1920Since all of this is going on in the sign of Aries, relationships of all types will seem as if they are infused with a fiery, spirited feeling. Chances are we are all acting more assertively these days. At best this can feel exciting, (what was once old and boring may now seem new and adventurous) but at worst the energy can spill over into conflict and aggression. Aries is the sign that governs war, after all. So some of you may find yourself in active conflict right now, or that your relationships are in the middle of a war zone.  For others, it may be a time when a refreshing sense of clarity, honesty, directness and brightness will infuse your relationships.  Folks who are generally timid and shy will enjoy this period because you may feel a novel sense of boldness.  However, people who already have more than enough self-esteem and confidence may become overly self-centred now, and spoiling for a fight.

This Venus retrograde period highlights strong, assertive women, but also women in conflict. And regardless of what gender you identify with, if you find yourself embroiled in a situation where you feel your blood starting to boil, try to take a step back and use your head now—impulsiveness may cause you to look before you leap or to say things you will regret later. Yes, we all “get” that you are feeling extra passionate right now but egos are running high all over the place and it takes very little spark to light a forest fire. Don’t do something in the heat of the moment that makes you end up looking merely childish and immature because it is really easy to do that now.

challenge-899045_1920Men who are in conflict with women at this point may feel like they have bitten off more than they can chew.  They may witness a source of strength and power emanating from the women in their lives like they have never seen before. Depending on how comfortable and secure a man is within his own masculinity, he will either see this female strength as awesome, or he might feel threatened and cowed.

Feminists will likely come out swinging at this time and of course, the usual insults will be thrown at them for acting, “Too loud, too harsh, too brash, too aggressive.” But Venus is in Warrior Queen mode, and she will be heard now.

Relationships may sour a bit after April 1st 2017 when retrograde Venus dips back into Pisces once more. Suddenly, we lose all that wonderful clarity, assertiveness and sense of newness and we feel thrown back into old messy problems and confusions once again! And with an icky sense of deja vu, we might suddenly remember why we left those old relationships in the first place! Ugh! The negative side of Pisces is related to confusion, secrets, and hidden things. So after April 1st, relationships may suffer from issues relating to falsehoods, chaos, martyrdom and victimhood. However, all the confusion and secrets will clear up promptly after April 28th when Venus charges back into forthright and open Aries once again. And we take a deep breath and get more hopeful about our relationships once again.

female-1294229_1280The period of April 13th through 17th could be especially difficult for some, when retrograde Venus collides with Chiron in Pisces, and squares Saturn in Sagittarius. Ouch!!! People who have planets or significant points in their natal charts around 26 degrees in mutable signs will be hit especially hard by this planetary configuration. Relationships of all kinds might take a painful hit, as will finances. If possible, avoid making major purchases or investments during this time. In fact, perhaps April is a good time to simply go back over your financial records or re-analyze your budget and spending. It can be a good time to re-assess money matters, but not to take action on them. Financial matters will suffer from murky thinking and general confusion throughout April, so, whenever possible, try not to make any huge changes or start any new financial projects until after April 27th when things become more clear. On the world stage, we will perhaps see a temporary dip in the stock market or some other big financial news making the headlines. Also during this period, issues relating to global migration and immigration will once again come strongly to the fore, and not likely in a pleasant way. Insecurity, fear of economic shortages, and fear of The Other will likely be highlighted more than usual during this time.

Still in the picture throughout April will be the challenging triangle between Jupiter, Uranus and Pluto, forcing us to continue to work on balancing our own needs and desires with the needs and desires of the people around us. For more information on this, see the first article in this series entitled:  The Relationship SeeSaw: My Needs versus Your Needs (Cardinal T-Square 2017)

To sum up, then, March and April are a good time to go back and re-examine past relationship issues, re-analyze financial matters (but not necessarily launch any new ones yet) and think twice before you “declare war.”  Think, sift and sort through relationship issues and if you are patient and don’t act with too much aggressiveness, self-centredness or ego, you will be able to clear up previous things that troubled relationships so you can launch forward full steam ahead again in May.

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