“Fireworks and Fisticuffs” Mars opposition Pluto, July 2nd, 2017

Have you been feeling a deep anger rumbling beneath the surface that you can’t quite put your finger on? Are you losing your cool over irritations that you normally can handle? Or are others around you raging? It’s just Mars/Pluto doing a bit of deep housecleaning in our psyches.  Mercury/Mars opposes Pluto this weekend (exact on Sunday the 2nd at 5:02 am Pacific at 18 degrees Cancer/Capricorn) immediately followed by the Moon opposing Uranus and a void of course period.  
With Mercury in the picture, there is a lot of verbal conflict going on, and a lot of it might be complaining — seeing the negative in everything.  If you have a bone to pick with someone, make sure your bring something constructive to the table as well because if you simply come with a list of complaints, that person is likely to give back as good as they got.  And then some.  Anger can escalate pretty fast this weekend.  Special triggers will be family, domestic life, money, and career issues.  
Our egos are getting extra juice from Pluto this weekend, making us all more forceful, more competitive, more aggressive and more impatient.  Are you obsessed with winning right now?  Or simply obsessed?  Take a breather.  It’s easy to lose your perspective right now.
On a societal level, issues pertaining to national loyalty will have tempers boiling over. This transit is a recipe for racism. Check your negative thoughts as this transit is associated with feeling threatened by a faceless Other who is just a projection of our own (worst) unconscious fears or negativity.
We are all extra emotional right now. Do your best to soothe yourself and those around you, and if that doesn’t fly, then remove yourself from the situation and get some exercise to burn off the tension. (Or try having sex — this transit might actually be great for getting more wild in the bedroom. Just sayin’…)
fist-1148029_1920Most of all, do not leap in where angels fear to tread right now. Avoid situations and people whom you consider to be hostile, antagonistic or borderline criminal in nature. You might be the spark to their powder keg this weekend.  And words might not be the only thing that flies.  Fists come out more easily during this transit.  Classical astrology texts warn us to be careful around guns and explosives during this transit.  Not bad advice for a July holiday weekend that will involve plenty of fireworks displays in the US and Canada.
But don’t freak out.  That is the exceptional case.  The more common thing that occurs during transits like this is that we all get more hot-tempered, that we all get a little more selfish,  that we all get more competitive, that we all push our own agendas just a bit too far, and then later when we come back to our senses, we may wish we hadn’t.  So a little self-control and patience this weekend would be a really great idea.  Especially around the booze and the fireworks.  Go have a happy weekend, but just don’t drive over everybody else in order to get your happy on.

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