Astrology and Chronic Illness: Using Solar and Lunar Transits to Maximize your Physical Energy and Quality of Life

In 1993, I came down with ME/CFS, a neruo-inflammatory disease which affects every organ in the body and creates debilitating pain, fatigue and numerous other symptoms. bed-1846251_1920  For years I was so weak and in so much pain that I had to use a wheelchair in order to leave my house.

When I first became ill, I had to spend a lot of time in bed, so for something to do, I began to study astrology.  (This was a hidden blessing because it eventually lead me to become a professional astrologer, years later.)  During my bedridden studies, I noticed that every transit, no matter how small, had a unique way of affecting my physical energy.  These small, daily cosmic energy shifts might not be so noticeable if you are a healthy person, leading a busy life at work and at home with your family.  However, when you have a chronic illness, your life slows down and your body becomes super sensitive to pain and fatigue and so you tend to feel every little twitch in your birthchart.   Being ill makes it easier to physically feel all the small hourly and daily changes in the cosmos.

By paying attention to solar and lunar transits, I began to be able to predict when I would have good days–days when my energy was high and my disease seemed more manageable.  I was also able to predict the low-energy days when I would be feeling more ill than usual–the times when just getting through the day was a struggle.

Fatigue and Chronic Illness  Fatigue is a big factor in most chronic illnesses, and it is a huge challenge because it can interfere with your daily activities of life.  Things like having a shower, cooking a meal or fetching groceries rely on physical energy.  But if you are having a hard day with your disease and you don’t have any physical strength, sometimes those things just don’t get done.  Fortunately, transits of the Sun and Moon are a quick and easy way to predict your personal energy levels.  They can help you plan your activities in advance so that you achieve your goals with success instead of fizzling out in failure.  

The same event carried out on two different days can have vastly different results.  If you attempt to do something strenuous (like house cleaning) on an astrologically adverse day, the activity could feel extremely hard–even impossible to accomplish.  But if you plan the event for a day that is positively aligned with your chart, the event can feel much more do-able–even easy, perhaps.  Knowing in advance when your energy peaks and when it falls is vital because when you are ill,  every single activity can feel like an uphill battle.  So any gain in energy feels like a victory, no matter how small.  

moons-2479794_1920Fatigue Forecasting:  Solar and Lunar Transits The transits of the Sun and Moon are particularly helpful for understanding how your energy rises and falls in cycles.  The Sun shows you your general level of vitality from month to month throughout the year.  Meanwhile, the Moon reflects the state of your physical body and emotions and it is useful for monitoring your day-to-day energy levels, and even your hour-to-hour levels.  By charting solar and lunar transits, you will know the best time to schedule an outing or activity, or when you need to stay home and rest instead.  For example, I have been able to successfully work at my astrology business even during the years I was bedridden because I simply booked upcoming appointments on high-energy days and avoided booking on low-energy days, according to my chart.

So here are a few Astro-tricks you, too, can use when planning your activities.  Note that if your natal Sun or natal Moon is heavily afflicted, then the situation gets more complicated, in which case you may need to consult with an astrologer to sort out which days are more energizing for you.

To use the information in this article, you don’t have to be an expert in astrology, but you do have to know the basics of how to read your own natal chart.  You also need to know how to find out the transits of the Sun and Moon on any particular day, so grab an ephemeris (like the ephemeris at or download a lunar clock.  (I like lunabar  –it’s free and I use it daily.)  And if you don’t know how to read your chart or how to read an ephemeris, you can always contact me for lessons or for a reading.

1.  Pay Attention to the Elements of the Signs that the Transiting Sun and Moon Pass Through

Technically, you will have more energy when the Sun or the Moon is travelling through a sign that is of the same element as your natal Sun.  For example, if your natal Sun is in the air sign of Gemini, you will likely feel best when the Sun or Moon is travelling through Gemini.  But you will also feel pretty great when the Sun transits the other air signs of Libra and Aquarius, too.  Similarly, earth Suns feel better during earth sign transits, fire Suns like fire transits and water Suns prefer water transits.

portrait-1061047_1920The reverse is also true:  you are likely to feel sluggish, foggy headed or relatively more ill when the Sun or Moon transits through signs that do not mesh well with your natal Sun’s sign.  Using the previous example of Sun in airy Gemini, you will likely feel droopy or heavy when the Sun or Moon travels through Earth signs (Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn).   Gemini Suns might also feel kind of “off” when the Sun or Moon travels through water signs like Cancer, Scorpio or Pisces.  This is because the elemental energy of the cosmos surrounding you is not feeding your Sun at these times, so you are not getting “charged.”  However, an airy Gemini Sun will feel moderately good when the Sun or Moon travels through the fire signs that sextile Gemini. (Aries, Leo).   

So in a nutshell, when the transiting Sun conjuncts, trines or sextiles your natal Sun by sign, it is a good thing and signifies 30 days worth of better-than-average energy.  If the transiting Sun squares or opposes your natal Sun, well, it’s time to slow down and not plan to do so much that month.  The same principle goes for lunar transits to your natal Sun, but they will only last 2.5 days instead of 30 days.

2.  Energy Sapping Houses :  House 6 and 12

worried-girl-413690_1920The 6th house of your chart is one of the houses that relates to illness.  It is natural that when the Sun or Moon transits this house that our symptoms may escalate or demand more attention.  This is also a time when you may be visiting the doctor’s office a lot more, or seeking out treatments from various health practitioners.  Your energy levels might also drop when a transit hits this house.   

The 12th house is also related to chronic illness because it represents being removed from the world and being shut away from society–something that tends to happen when one becomes ill.  When the Sun or Moon transits this house, we may feel our energy deflate along with feeling a greater sense of physical vulnerability.  These transits increase our need to withdraw from public life, to cocoon and nurture our bodies, and to heal in private.  When I am undergoing 12th house transits, I feel as if I have “no skin” or that I lack my usual protective energy-boundary around my body and so I get reclusive.  If you are experiencing a 12th house transit, it is not the time to push your body to the max or force yourself to work hard while ignoring your symptoms.  It is a time when rest and repose are required.  Trying to fight against this natural fallow period in your life only leads to heaps of frustration.  So try to go with the flow and lay low.  Then, in a little while, you can burst out into the world again when the Sun or Moon shifts to your 1st house.

3.  Avoid Strenuous Activities on Days when the Sun or Moon transits over your natal Chiron

Ahhhh Chiron.  Asteroid of wounding and healing.  Both a nemesis and boon for the chronically ill.  On a day when the Sun or Moon is parked on top of your Chiron, all the other rules listed above don’t seem to matter much.  You will likely feel super tired, or in more pain than usual. or just more emotional.  If you have been over-doing it, this is a time when a cold might come on, or some other malady.  Don’t try to fight against this transit — best advice is to simply rest more or do only light activities until the next day when the transit has passed.  

home-1730490_1920When the Sun or Moon conjuncts my natal Chiron, I find that not only does my health bottom out, but I also get depressed.  I used to mope around during a Chiron transit, feeling a lot of self-pity and even anxiety about my currently worsening symptoms.  Meanwhile, my husband (who has Multiple Sclerosis) handles his Chiron transits in a totally different fashion: he simply falls asleep during the hour that the Moon conjuncts his Chiron.  No matter what time of day it might be, and no matter what he happens to be doing, when the Moon lurches over his Chiron, he simply conks out.  No fuss, no drama–he just has a great nap.  What a super way to deal with Chiron!  After all, if you don’t like the way you feel today, tomorrow is always a new day.  

4.  Watch the Solar/Lunar Transits to your Natal Moon

Depending on what shape your natal Moon is in, you may feel slightly better or (slightly worse) on days that the Sun or Moon travels through your natal Moon’s sign.  My ultra-favorite time to do things is when the Sun or Moon is in the sign of my natal Moon.  During this time, my brain lights up, my body feels more energized and I just feel more excited about life in general.  However, that will not be the case for everyone, especially if one has an afflicted Moon.  In this case, you may want to avoid stressful activities during the times when the Sun or Moon conjuncts your natal Moon.

5.  Watch for Challenging Solar and Lunar transits to your Natal Saturn

These are brief transits, lasting only a few hours (for a lunar transit), or lasting a day or so (solar transit).  But they can still be a big enough pain in the butt to warrant respect when planning important activities in your life.  Saturn is the planet of limitations and restrictions, so you don’t want that feeling highlighted when you are planning to do something.  A conjunction, square or opposition to your natal Saturn can feel physically draining to someone who is already ill, and these transits can make you feel like everything is an up hill battle.  

children-486968_19206.  Try not to Plan Strenuous Activities on the Day of a New Moon or the Day Before the New Moon

The closer to the New Moon, the lower one’s energy is overall.  This goes for everyone on the planet, healthy or otherwise.  If you have to endure a dentist appointment or attempt to go on an outing with the kids, chances are you will run out of steam long before the event is done.  Instead, try planning events when the moon is waxing so you can maximize that energy to accomplish your goals.  The closer to the Full Moon, the more energy there is available to you.  However, I have noticed occasionally that on the day of a Full Moon, I sometimes have more fatigue than usual.  So now I shoot for a waxing Moon but perhaps not the day of the Full Moon itself.

7.  Create a Simple Astro Journal to Help you Remember the Effects of your Transits

By now it might seem that there are tons of days when you might feel low energy!  Yikes!  Don’t panic.  Not every transit listed above will be an issue for you.  As you experience these transits yourself, you will learn which ones to watch out for and which ones to ignore.  A great way to figure out which transits affect you personally is to keep an Astro-Journal.

Try to jot down a few notes whenever the Sun or Moon go over important parts of your chart.  Briefly record the transit, a few of your activities for the day and how you felt doing them, both physically and emotionally.  Your entry might look something like this:

 “June 10th, 2017.  Moon in 6th house:  Had headache today and was super grumpy.  Was exhausted by lunchtime.”  


“January 7, 2017.  Sun in Capricorn, Moon in Taurus:  feeling energized and strong today. Went to the mall.”  

This type of journaling is your best prediction tool because it can give you insight into how you might feel the next time that same transit rolls around.  After making notes for a few months, you will get the gist of your reaction to the monthly lunar cycle, and after ofantasy-1578656_1920ne year, you will understand how you react to your personal solar cycle.  Doing this also allows you to pick up useful information on how certain planets react in your chart — every time the Sun or the Moon rolls over a planet or point in your chart, it sets off that energy for you.  That way you can predict how bigger transits, like the long-term transits of the outer planets and planetary progressions could affect you when they hit those same places.  

Keeping track of solar and lunar transits is fun and once you get the hang of it, you can surf these transits in a way that helps you accomplish your daily, weekly and monthly goals.  By maximizing your high energy days and avoiding activities on low energy days, your life gets a whole lot easier to deal with and your chronic illness doesn’t seem quite so beastly.  You begin to feel empowered again.  Charting solar and lunar transits also helps you develop greater sensitivity to your own body as well as the energies surrounding you in the cosmos.  So grab an ephemeris and start to play around with it so you can begin to chart your way to better health, a more productive life and greater emotional balance.



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  1. It is rare for me to see a full moon as it wipes me out, however I love the energy around a new moon as the days before I am always super depressed. I pull myself out of whatever funk and take major action 🤷🏽‍♀️

    I will start noting when my flare ups and look for patterns. Thank you

  2. Very, very interesting! I struggle with chronic pain, fibromyalgia/fatigue, adhd/autism sensory overload, anxiety and depression. I’ve been tracking my chart for a while it’s fascinating and so much fun! But also frustrating. With no earth or air in my chart my temperament changes very quickly! With a stellium -Sun, Merc, Venus- in 12th in Cancer I’m a nebulous cloud of confusion most of the time, Neptune in the 6th, my personality is wide open to the changing tides of the Sun, Merc, Venus and the Moon. Leo rising so Sun ruled, and with my Mars in Leo and ruled by the Sun, my life direction and focus constantly changes with the Sun. I definitely notice fatigue set in when the moon passes through the 4th (pluto in 4th in Scorpio), 6th and 8th, depression and fatigue with Saturn, and raw feelings of wounding and shame from trauma with Chiron and Pluto, anxiety, anger or fibro with Mars, sensory overload with uranus but that’s still really basic there is so much going on. It’s usually an amalgamation of multiple planetary transits, inner and outer. My mars also only has natal aspects to Uranus, Neptune and Pluto only so I’m wildly ruled by subconscious processes. I love it when the sun and moon enter earth signs because I have no earth and I feel so normal and grounded during these times like a regular ol’ muggle. I like some of the air, water and fire signs some of the time but it really depends which one because for example Leo has mars and is in my first so I feel really embodied and full of confidence and energy, but in Sag where I have Saturn and Uranus opposing Chiron I feel really wounded etc. I could go on but I do feel like its less formulaic and really down to the unique imprint of each persons birth chart as we’re all so different. There’s also the fact that some illnesses are just illnesses and some are symptoms of repressed trauma, so when I stopped looking at my fibro as just fibro and understood it as suppressed anger it made more sense that it would be triggered on marsy days. Same with Saturn triggering fatigue and depression – which is also a symptom of dorsal vagal shutdown – a trauma response to suppression of anger or fight/flight. When I make an effort to touch in and feel the anger on a moon/saturn day I come out of the heavy weight of fatigue and depression. Saturn is repression after all. On Chiron days, if I engage with shamanism or some herbal/earth magic out in the forest I feel good, as opposed to feeling wounded at home. On mars days if I get creative, let a scream, exercise a lot or listen to heavy metal I feel energised as opposed to anxious and irritated. 12th house days I feel most comforted and cared for and most like myself if I’m in retreat cuz of my 12th house stellium, but if I’m in a busy environment I’m exhausted. However, since Pluto in Capricorn started opposing my 12th house Sun my 12th house experience has become more uncomfortable and raw. I love astrology it’s amazing!

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