A Time for You to Dream: Pisces Season Feb. 18 2019 – March 20 2019

Pisces Season:  A Time to Retreat, Reflect, Daydream, Imagine and Envision

It’s time to take a break from analytical, rational, logical and linear thinking.  It’s time to intuit, to sense and to feel that which cannot be seen or easily explained in words.  It’s time to fall under the spell of a beautiful lover or lose yourself in art, music, literature or film.  It’s time to take a break, to allow moments of escape from reality, to feed your soul and what you think is ideal and perfect.

It’s time to engage in the spiritual (whatever that means to you) and to encounter the realms of the higher mind. It’s time to feel your connection to the Oneness that is The Universe and all that is in it.  It’s time to be charitable, to act with compassion and to engage in acts of selfless giving, if so moved.  Or, if you prefer, you can simply just chat with the fairies, astral travel and connect with your inner unicorn…

Love and Romance

Venus in Aquarius square Uranus, conjunct Chiron, square Mars and sextile Jupiter

Love swells in the context of friendship this month and also while you are in group activities.  To bring out the best in your relationship, strive to strengthen the friendship you have with your partner.   What makes your partner a good friend?  You might have to see them in action in a group of people to truly appreciate this.  

You might find yourself sparring a bit with your partner around March 1st, and then again around the 15th of March to the 25th.  This might be due to stubbornness – you might be acting contrary just for the sake of being contrary.  You also might be feeling especially willful or cramped because you temporarily need more freedom.  However, any spats will not likely be too serious because your heart will likely be open and generous, especially on the week leading up to March 21st.

Folks who are single might actually revel in the freedom of it and in your ability to do as you please without having to answer to anybody.  However, if you tire of your independence and get lonely, seek out friends or those who share common interests with you.  It is a great time to participate in group activities, communities and clubs or organizations.  That is where the other lonely hearts are this month, hoping to bump into someone who feels the same.


Uranus enters Taurus, Mars in Taurus trine Saturn/Pluto in Capricorn, North Node in Cancer

Everyone seems to be putting a lot of attention on increasing their earning power right now, and happily, there is a lot of drive and energy to do this.  Around March 10th, take some time to reflect on your daydreams or fantasies about money and career — get in touch with what your soul longs for.  What would be your ideal financial situation?  And then ask yourself what part of that ideal can you take action on?  What would be the first step? (Just dream and plan now — the time for action will come later – after the 27th).

There’s a big chance of sudden, unexpected “Aha!” moments that come to you in a flash about how to experiment with improving finances or career.  Inspiration might come at the strangest times.  Mine those moments for their genius now.  Unexpected opportunities also seem to strike without prior warning.  Be prepared to grab them fast.

You might be willing to take on extra work or other duties and responsibilities because it will be financially lucrative.  It’s a good time to commit to something you need to work hard on for a few weeks.  You might find that you are ambitiously putting in long hours or a lot of effort between March 12th to the 21st.


Career versus Family Matters

Career is demanding a lot of time and effort from you these days, which you are willing to give.  You are probably in the mood to work hard and do whatever it takes to get ahead. However, there is a push-pull situation happening because your home and family life are also asking for a lot of time and energy this month.  There is only so much energy to go around, so you will have to carve some time out of your work day to make time for your domestic life.  It is not wise to ignore issues developing at home right now.  And using work as an excuse to avoid family responsibilities is not a good idea during this time. 

Both career and family issues are asking you to muster up all the maturity you can now.  It is not the time to indulge in acting emotionally childish.  You are being asked to manage an emotional situation now with maturity and in a responsible fashion.

Conversely, while on the job, you cannot expect to deal with human beings in a matter that is “all business” now.  You have to be able to inject compassion and feeling into all of your interactions.  Besides, you will win more by responding to people with a personal or caring vibe right now that you would with a purely professional business-like approach.

You might be feeling that a situation at work is leading to a complete stalemate.  Something is wrong with the system and simply cannot go on.  If you are intuiting that an ending is coming, you might be right.   Pay attention to your feelings and stay true to yourself now.  

Press Pause!  Mercury Retrograde March 4th to 27th

Mercury Retrograde, square Jupiter, sextile Pluto and Saturn, conjunct Neptune, Jupiter square Neptune, Sun conjunct Neptune

From March 4th to the 27th, Mercury will be retrograde in the sign of Pisces.  While Mercury retrogrades can often feel confusing, this one is likely to be extra bewildering.

Expect the usual Mercury retrograde shenanigans during this time:  having to re-do, re-pair, re-organize, re-evaluate, and any other “RE” activity you can think of.  This is an especially great time to re-treat and re-flect.  The energies want you to go backward for the time being to re-address old projects or simply to tread water, not to charge ahead with new plans.  Finish your old ones instead.  If something you own is on its last legs, it might break down now.  Re-cycling is also a good activity to engage in now, but any item you lose will likely stay lost until after the retrograde period is over, when it is likely to appear again, as if by magic.

Miscommunication is going to be one of the biggest problems at this time.  People simply talking past one another and not understanding what the other person is saying.  Messages and correspondence are prone to get mislaid, too.  Prepare for this now — if you have to send an important communication, sign a contract or have an important meeting, do so before the 4th.  Even so, you still might have to double back and address the situation again during the retrograde, but at least the situation won’t be half as confusing as it would be if you tried to initiate it during the retrograde itself.

A particularly confusing day might be around March 6th.

You might get carried away with excessive talking, communicating, reading or writing from the 15 to the 17th.  You have big ideas!  And even bigger dreams!  And big plans!  Woo hoo!  Only problem is that they might be totally off the wall.  Caught up in your feelings, you might not see that right now.  A semblance of sanity returns around March 19th when you start to see the practical limitations of your ideas.  Now the real work begins as you settle into taking what is best about those big ideas and figuring out how to make them more workable in real life.  It is possible.  Jot some ideas down and plan.  Then after the 27th, start to take action on the ideas, but not before.

A Time for You to Dream: Pisces Season Feb. 18 2019 - March 20 2019 It's time to pause to retreat, daydream, reflect and get in touch with your ideals. In this Cosmic Alignment Series article, learn how to use the current planetary energies to your benefit in love, work and family life. Click through to read the article now.

Truth versus Fiction 

Jupiter square Neptune, Sun conjunct Mercury and square Jupiter, Mercury retrograde in Pisces

A big problem this month is the ongoing third-quarter square between Jupiter in Sagittarius and Neptune in Pisces, complicated by a retrograde Mercury in Pisces.  If you thought people had daffy or unrealistic ideas before, well, look out, because things are likely to get a whole lot daffier.  Fake news and ideology wars might enter a whole new realm of surrealism for a brief time.

The third-quarter square is something Evolutionary Astrologers view as a crisis in consciousness.  Since this square takes place between Jupiter and Neptune, the crisis will revolve around society’s belief systems.  It is a call for you to identify what your belief systems are in relation to the rest of humanity’s — to get in touch with what you truly believe despite pressure from outside sources to follow the crowd.  The only problem is, there isn’t a lot of cosmic energy available to test the validity, groundedness or practicality of our belief systems.  Hence, we have a planet full of people running around energetically asserting their spiritual and political beliefs, without being able to confront the validity, utility or the consequences of their beliefs.  You can expect a lot of this on the days surrounding March 13th, when we will all will be voicing our pet beliefs with an extra dose of pomposity, self-righteousness, arrogance and ego.

People who have not been successful in throwing off parental or societal conditioning and are not attuned to the wisdom of their own body and soul are especially at-risk for adopting dogmatic belief systems now.  And contrary to popular belief, this has nothing to do with being uneducated — both educated and non-educated people can fall into this trap.  As a result, many will fall for man-made beliefs that have little to do with the way the natural world truly operates.  The more divorced you are from your body and soul’s  inborn wisdom, the more you tend to operate merely from your head, which puts you at high risk of being lead astray during these times. 

And now that Retrograde Mercury is thrown into this mess, it will confuse the notion of Truth even more.  Mercury will attempt to have us reflect on our belief systems, to go back over them again, with the purpose of honing or refining them, but alas — due to all the murky, confusing energy that abounds at this time, it is likely to just bring more confusion instead of clarity.  

As a result, it might be wise to save your energy this month and not engage in conflict with people who have a belief system that is different than yours.   People’s heads are in the clouds–including your own!  It is much more productive at this time to focus on the UNITY of humankind and to bring your attention to how we are all similar rather than how we are different.   That is Pisces at its very best.  How are we all the same?  And how can we find compassion for others in that unity?  Focus on that, rather than what your neighbor does or doesn’t believe.

A Time for You to Dream: Pisces Season Feb. 18 2019 - March 20 2019 It's time to pause to retreat, daydream, reflect and get in touch with your ideals. In this Cosmic Alignment Series article, learn how to use the current planetary energies to your benefit in love, work and family life. Click through to read the article now.

Victims No More!  Trauma, Healing and Patriarchy

Chiron leaves Pisces and enters Aries

Chiron’s second ingress into Aries finally occurred on February 20th, marking the end of a decade long chapter of human history.  Chiron is a centaur representing wounding and healing and it especially speaks to the issue of trauma.  From 2010 to the present was a time of accentuated healing, when many people woke up from their conditioning, began to deal with their past traumas and began to fight off oppression.   Mass consciousness was drastically raised as a result.  “Post Traumatic Stress,” and “trigger” became household words and became the basis of many story lines in films, books and popular culture.  Not to mention the #MeToo movement.  It was a key period in the healing of humanity; an evolutionary milestone never before achieved. 

However, there was a kind of down side to this in that everyone seemed to become ensnared in a debilitating sense of personal victim-hood–even those of us who were extremely privileged and in glowing good health.  And for a while it even became a twisted kind of competition — arguments raged over which social group could claim the dubious award of being crowned the “most oppressed.” 

While it is true that everyone who is born into modern patriarchal society is dealing with some form of trauma and everyone deserves to address and heal their pain, the past nine years were at times characterized by unjustified persecution complexes and martyrdom.  Here, I am thinking of some of the uglier factions that jumped on this bandwagon, including the Alt Right “Men’s Rights” movement and white supremacy groups.  As well, Fundamentalist Christians movement began declaring themselves to be a persecuted, oppressed minority.  Everyone under the sun became hypnotized by a personal sense of victim-hood, whether it was legit or not.

Happily, this widespread sense of feeling left-out, oppressed or victimized will begin to shift now.  Instead of everyone feeling like a victim, only a specific group will continue to feel victimized: those who chiefly rely on conventional forms of toxic masculinity (and all that goes along with that) for their sense of identity or ego. This group will include not only males but also females and everyone inbetween on the continuum– the point being that if you have based your pride and sense of accomplishment on outdated toxic masculine values, or on the values of a patriarchal society, you may be in for a rough ride, as your soul begins to wake up and say “Let’s start to heal now, please.” 

As a result, Chiron’s passage into Aries might be good news for women in general, but not so good news for some men, who now begin the very tough task of identifying how the patriarchy has wounded them.  It will be a challenge whether they can do this without casting the blame on women for their downfall, instead of placing the blame squarely where it belongs: on a patriarchal society with misogynistic values that harms every living breathing being unfortunate enough to be born into it. 

Also, if you were born between 1968 and 1977, you were born with Chiron in Aries in your natal chart and so you will be going through your Chiron Return.  This means you will likely have your hands full over the next decade as you gear up for another round of addressing and healing your past traumas.  

I will have more to say about all this Aries energy next month, when the Cosmic Alignment Series focuses on Aries Season.  So see you then.

In the meantime…continue to dream, my loves…

for ’tis the season…

…of Pisces.



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