Dream Analysis Using Astrology: A Brief Example.

Did you know that astrology transits can appear in your dreams?  And that the planets sometimes show up as actors in those dreams?  Here’s an example of a current transit that is happening in the skies right now that quite literally got acted out in my dreams last night. 

Last night, transiting Mercury was conjunct transiting Neptune at 17 degrees Pisces (at around 2 am Pacific Time on April 2nd, 2019.)  This transit was in orb for the past week and some of its manifestations are: strange and vivid dreams, unusual intuitions, an increase in psychic phenomena and connection with material from the collective unconscious–a perfect set-up for a dream-transit event.

Last night, while the conjunction perfected, I had a doozy of a dream–actually one in a long series of odd dreams that I had been having all week.  At the time, I had no idea what the dream was about, but when I woke up and looked at the symbolism, I realized I had dreamed about the conjunction itself!  The story of the conjunction was literally acted out in my dream.

First– here is the astro info about Mercury during the conjunction at 17 degrees Pisces:  Mercury was in detriment and fall, but in its own terms (Dorotheus).  It was widely conjunct the Moon and Venus, and exactly conjunct Neptune.  It also squared Jupiter in Sagittarius, sextiled Saturn in Capricorn and was conjunct the fixed star Achernar.

Analyze your Dreams Using Astrology: A Brief Example. Did you know that astrology transits sometimes appear in your dreams? And that the planets will show up as actors in those dreams? Click through to the article to see an example of astrological dream analysis!
MERCURY CONJUNCT NEPTUNE April 2, 2019, 1:56 am Pacific, Salmon Arm BC, Canada

So here was the dream:

I dreamed that a new visitor traveled to see me (Mercury).  It was a woman (Mercury conjunct Moon and Venus) who arrived at my home unannounced.  She gave me the impression that she wanted to be a client of mine.  (Mercury = commerce).  She was strange, flighty and did not behave normally (Mercury in detriment and fall in Pisces).  Even so, she moved around my place as if she had the right to be there and do somewhat as she pleased  (Mercury in its own terms- 17 degrees, Dorotheus).   

While introducing herself, this client quickly began to go into every room in my house (Mercury = travel and movement).   She had not been invited on a house tour so I trailed after her wondering what the heck she was doing.  She began to touch all my possessions and pick up items and examine them in a familiar way that was oddly invasive (Mercury conjunct Neptune = no boundaries).

When she spoke, she would say quite fantastical things that often made no sense to me.  It sounded like a mish-mash of confused New Age lingo and conspiracy theories (Mercury/Neptune square Juptier in Sagittarius).  At other times, she would say the most profound statements that were extremely practical and contained a lot of mature wisdom (Mercury sextile Saturn in Capricorn).  

The woman had heard that I was an astrologer.  She seemed convinced that I was a good one, even though we had never met before.  She also assumed I would be giving her an astrology reading, even though she had no appointment and had arrived unannounced.  I  was surprised and perplexed at her assumption that I would just drop everything to do as she said, but I treated her with patience.  For some reason, I decided that I would indeed change my plans for the day and would do an impromptu reading for her (fixed star Achernar keywords = success, empathy, humane, patient, philosophical).  I gathered my PC and began to set it up to do a reading for her while she continued to move about my home, continuing to touch everything…

At that point, I woke up.  As I went over the dream in my mind and the astrological symbolism began to make itself evident to me, I started laughing to myself.  Astrology, the cosmos and its infinite wisdom is literally everywhere.  One cannot escape it.  Even in one’s dreams…

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