It’s Taurus Season! Revel in your Physical Senses and Appreciate your Meat Suit. Astrology Forecast for April 20–May 21 2019

Ahhh…Taurus season!  Picture: sunshine, fields of green and insects buzzing in an idyllic scene.  It’s time to get back to a simpler lifestyle, with a focus on the physical body.  Time to turn our attention toward practical activities such as gardening, cooking or building things. 

It is no coincidence that Earth Day is annually celebrated in Taurus Season (April 22).  Taurus is THE fundamental Earth sign.   So get outside now.  Breathe the air.  Touch the branches of a tree.  Marvel at the color of the blue sky.  Get your hands dirty with soil.  Or if it is raining, splash through a mud puddle just for the childish glee.  Whether you are in the country or the city, northern hemisphere or south, take time to tune into the energy of the earth now.

A Season to Indulge your 5 Senses

Taurus season is a good time to do some physical activity.  Choose an exercise that feels good rather than something that you endure simply to sculpt your abs.  Pleasure is a key word in Taurus Season, so move your body in ways that you love, be it dance, yoga, cycling, team sports or just playing with your dog.  

Indulge your 5 senses of touch, taste, sight, sound, and smell:  Get a hair cut.  Or a massage.  Buy an essential oil you’ve never tried before.  Wander a thrift store for a new item of clothing.  Wear shoes that comfort your feet instead of pinch.  Sleep in.  Make love.  Appreciate your miraculous meat suit.  

Being Venus ruled, Taurus season also puts the spotlight on the arts, music, dance and singing.  So pick up that old instrument or sketch book that has been gathering dust in the corner of your room.  Or take in a show, or go to a museum and feast your eyes.  And of course, a big part of this season is about food and drink.  So it’s time to get cooking.  And with Uranus also currently in Taurus, it’s a great time to try out new and unusual foods and to experiment with recipes.

Time to Manage all of your STUFF

Now is a good time to take stock of your finances and possessions, which leads us to another fine Taurus Season tradition:  the spring garage sale.  It’s no coincidence that Taurus season coincides with the height of yard and garage sale season.  Taurus is all about our material possessions and the things that we value.  So we start poking around in our stuff, moving our stuff around, tidying our stuff up, selling some of our stuff, buying some other stuff, or grabbing some tools and simply building new stuff.    

2019: A Busier Taurus Season than Usual

Typically, during Taurus Season, life slows down a bit.  We like to take our time and not rush things.  However, this year Mars is in the busy air sign of Gemini (and in mutual reception with Mercury in Aries) so this will make 2019’s Taurus season a bit more hectic than usual.

While Taurus season is typically all about the physical body and material life, Mars in Gemini highlights the mind and the intellect.  So there is an additional focus on thinking and communicating.   It’s a busy time for visiting, socializing, messaging, telephoning etc.  You will also be busier than usual with reading and writing.   So instead of just losing yourself in gardening and cooking this year, you might find that you are also reading up a lot on the best gardening and cooking techniques.  Or studying how to do home renos.

You will likely feel restless and will wander your neighborhood more, making quick excursions and local trips to the store, to a friend’s, or simply as an excuse to go driving.  The yen for travel might be particularly strong around May 5 (Mars in Gemini opposition Jupiter in Sagittarius and quincunx Pluto in Capricorn).

Maybe the best way to blend the energies of this Taurus Season is to grab a book, go outside and read under a tree or the sky.  Even better, read to your kids. outside.  Or grab a friend and visit while you hike, bike or garden together.    

It's Taurus Season 2019! A sensuous season that highlights the physical body, romance, sex, finances and material life. Find out how to make the most out of your life now by clicking through to read this new article.

Spoiling for a Fight

(Venus and Mercury in Aries,  Mars and Mercury in mutual reception in Gemini/Aries, Eris in Aries sextile Mars in Gemini, and Eris squaring Pluto) 

Look out — verbal sparring will be rife this Taurus season. Expect a lot of tiffs, arguments and conflict.  We are more likely to blurt out ideas without a lot of forethought and to attack others without thinking first.

Debates will arise quickly, especially online where things get volatile for a few weeks.  People are spoiling for a fight so if you post online, don’t be surprised if you get attacked for no reason.  And resist the urge to shoot your own mouth off now, as tempting as that might feel.  This applies throughout the whole season, but might especially be the case around May 2nd (Mercury in Aries trines Jupiter in Sagittarius and squaring Pluto in Capricorn)  and May 3rd (Moon, Mercury and Eris in Aries squaring Pluto, south node of Pluto, Saturn and lunar nodes).  May 4th and 5th will also likely be particularly volatile with Mars quincunxing Pluto.  Also, May 8th – 10th will be a time when women might make their collective ire known in a big way  (Venus conjoins Eris in Aries and squares Pluto).

Some Days to Note:

April 22-2, 2019  You might feel sudden changes in your self identity or how you see yourself.  If you need to re-invent yourself or see yourself in a new and positive light, this energy can assist that process.  (Sun in Taurus conjunct Uranus)

May 8th, 2019  You might receive sudden news that completely changes how you think about an issue.  You might undergo an unexpected shift in perspective, or genius flash of insight.  Listen to what your physical body is trying to tell you now.  The body’s innate wisdom will be trying to connect with your conscious thought process.  Your 5 senses might get super charged– touch, taste, sight, sound and smell could provide you with a strange or unusual experience.   (Mercury conjunct Uranus in Taurus)

May 13th, 2019   A personal power day.   You might feel a bit more powerful or invincible than usual, or like things are flowing better than usual.  (Sun in Taurus quincunx Jupiter in Sagittarius and trine Pluto in Capricorn)

May 14th 2019:  Romance–Go for it now!  It is a good day to actively pursue something or someone whom you value or love.  Women especially get the green light to actively go after love and sex now instead of waiting passively in the wings hoping for something to materialize.  If you want him or her or them, speak up.  Make it happen.   (Venus in Aries sextile Mars in Gemini)

 May 15th-17th, 2019:  A potentially tricky time.   It is a time to think with your head, not your emotions.  If you get carried away with your feelings and decide to act on them, you could “lose your head” and end up in a situation that could harm your public status or be potentially embarrassing.  Resist the urge to retaliate or pursue revenge.  (Sun conjuncts fixed star Algol and Mars ingresses into Cancer, its fall in mutual reception with Moon in its fall in Scorpio). 

May 18th, 2019:   Sudden or unexpected change for the better in your love life or finances.  If you want things to change, this energy will help you do it.  Pour on the love and affection now.  Financial changes made now can also be beneficial, especially for those who work in fields ruled by Venus–fashion, beauty, the arts, finances etc. (Venus in Taurus in domicile, triplicity and term, conjunct Uranus and sextile Mars in Cancer.)

Worldwide News for Taurus Season:  Uranus in Taurus (2018-2026)

One of the big global transits currently operating is Uranus in Taurus, which began in May of 2018 and will continue until the year 2026.  Some of the things this transit will affect are:  financial and banking systems, the global economy, food and food production, technology, geological systems and the environment.  During Taurus Season, some of these themes will likely be suddenly triggered and brought into focus.

This transit is associated with technological advances and innovations (for better or worse), but also sudden disruption, unexpected change, cataclysmic shifts or trauma.  Planet Earth might be in for a rough ride physically over the next 7 years but we can also expect a generous share of innovative solutions being born as well.   

During this Taurus Season, it is a good time to engage in some environmental activism.   It is a prime time to make a change in your lifestyle in a way that is good for the planet eg.  plant your first vegetable garden or vow to give up single use plastic.  Banish pesticides and toxic chemicals from your home and garden forever, explore zero waste living, or read up on how veganism helps heal the environment.  Participate in a protest or write your local government representative– the list is endless.  Choose one thing that appeals to you and start to practice it now. 

For more detailed info on Uranus in Taurus, you can read my previous articles: 

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A Special Taurus Message: 

If you are a Taurus Sun sign who was born between April 20th and April 30th, Listen up:  The Cosmos has a Message for You

It's Taurus Season 2019! A sensuous season that highlights the physical body, romance, sex, finances and material living. Find out how to make the most out of your life now by clicking through to read the astrological tips in this new article.Life might seem strangely chaotic for you, full of unsettling changes and unpredictable surprises that leave you feeling flabbergasted or even shocked a lot of the time, like the earth is jolting under your feet.  Life is pressuring you to become more flexible and adaptive than usual.  Circumstances in life will require you to think fast, respond quickly and make abrupt changes (traits that are not part of your laid-back nature).  And this will go on for many months.  Your first reaction will likely be to try to slam on the brakes and try to control life so that you can bring things back to the old way.  But that won’t work now. 

Try your best to embrace the changes–if you try to hang on to the past or resist change now it will just cause needless hardship for you and everyone around you.  Watch out for sudden insights or light bulb moments that strike you out of the blue– they will help you to align with the new energies coming into your life and make the changes that life is asking of you now.


If you are part of the early Pluto in Scorpio Generation born between September 1983 and 1986, Listen Up because the Cosmos also has a Message for You

It's Taurus Season 2019! A sensuous season that highlights the physical body, romance, sex, finances and material living. Find out how to make the most out of your life now by clicking through to read the astrological tips in this new article.Between September 1983 and 1986, Pluto was between 0 and 5 degrees.  Currently, Uranus is sitting on the opposite point in sky — your Pluto Polarity Point–the point that activates your soul’s evolution in this lifetime.  You will experience sudden and perhaps cataclysmic opportunities to evolve now.   This is big news because during times like this, you can directly address old karma in your life and resolve old issues in big significant chunks or even in one fell swoop.

The surprises, tumult and changes being thrown at you may might make you feel as if you are not in control of your life.  And this will go on for many months.  Feeling at the mercy of forces larger than yourself really sucks but try to remember that the changes happening now are helping your soul achieve its destiny and purpose right now.  Uranus is trying to break up old rigid patterns in your mind and behavior–this can feel shocking and unsettling as he tries to smash things apart to bring new energy into your life.  He will test your flexibility and ability to adapt.  You might be asked to see an old situation in a new way, especially if it relates to jealousy, abandonment, attachment, desire, trust issues, revenge, sexuality or death and mortality.  New insights might be pouring into your mind or you may receive new opportunities to make a sudden change.  Goal:  let go of the past and let go of your stubbornness, resist the urge to try to control things, cultivate humility and surrender to change.  

As for the Rest of Us:

If the hectic pace and arguments happening right now are getting to you, then maybe you need a little Taurus medicine right now–get outside, ground yourself in nature and in your physical body.  Shut your mind off, get some exercise, or putter around at home in your garden or kitchen.  Paint a picture.  Sing along to the radio.  Dance in the elevator when no one else is there.  These basic physical activities will help channel the super-charged energies hitting you at this time in positive ways. 

Bring mindfulness to the simple activities of daily material life–cooking, eating, bathing, having sex, enjoying fresh air, feeling the sun warm your body.  Focus on something beautiful–a bouquet of flowers, a gorgeous painting, your lover’s beautiful face.  These simple joys can help pull you out of your complicated existence and will help balance your overwhelmed mind and emotions at this time.

So get out there and stick your feet in the dirt and I will see you all in my next Cosmic Alignment Series article for: Gemini Season! 

It's Taurus Season 2019!  A sensuous season that highlights the physical body, romance, sex, finances and material living.  Find out how to make the most out of your life now by clicking through to read the astrological tips in this new article.

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