Slow Down, Chill Out, Head for Home: Astrology Forecast for Cancer Season, June 21 to July 22, 2019 (Pacific)

Part I: Cancer Season’s General Vibe

When the Sun crosses into the cardinal sign of Cancer, it represents the official start of summer in the northern hemisphere.  Cancer Season is a time that annually highlights family activities and domestic life.  It signals an end to all the hectic socializing and visiting that we did in the previous season of Gemini.  We start to pull back from all the manic rushing around and feel an urge to slow down a bit.  We begin to relish privacy and want to stay home and putter.  And we want to spend more time with our families.  With Cancer being a water sign, it’s no surprise that a lot of people head to the family cottage on the lake.  Or they drop what they are doing and take the kids to the pool.  This year, this chill family vibe is strengthened by Venus who enters Cancer on July 3rd.  And the pull to retreat and chill out is also strengthened by Mercury retrograding in Cancer in July.

However, just because we feel like relaxing with the family does not mean that these weeks are going be full of peaceful bliss.  There is way too much cosmic action going on!  Cancer is a sign that is preoccupied with emotions and feelings.  So we are all likely to become more sensitive and aware of all of our emotional undercurrents.  And with a pair of eclipses plus Mercury Retrograde happening, be prepared to deal with a few emotional snafus even if you are on vacation or simply hanging out at home.

Slow Down, Chill Out, Head for Home:  Astrology Forecast for Cancer Season, June 21 to July 22, 2019 (Pacific)  Welcome to Cancer Season! And what a season it will be, with Mercury Retrograde plus 2 eclipses happening!  What does that mean for your career, love relationships, family life and the political stage?  Check out my new article.

Another feature of Cancer Season is that our thoughts tend to drift toward the past.  We might spend a lot of time sentimentally reminiscing about years gone by, becoming misty-eyed over the “good ol’ days”.  Our thoughts return to our own childhoods and the people we once knew.  We might suddenly show an interest in family history and genealogy.  For some folks, this might translate into a fascination with antiques or family heirlooms.  Studious types might suddenly turn their attention to history and archaeology.  (For example, I have noticed that each year during Cancer season, I suddenly gravitate toward reading classic literature–novels written a century or so ago.)  And of course, studious astrologers might suddenly gravitate toward Hellenistic astrology or other forms of ancient astrology.  This tendency to hearken back to the past will be intensified when Mercury turns retrograde, and especially when it re-enters Cancer.  (More info about Mercury Retrograde below so keep reading!)

Mars Enters Leo: Play like a Kid

Happily, Mars enters Leo on July 1, 2019, just in time to bring a little levity to all the emotions and feelings that Cancer season tends to stir up.  Mars resides in Leo until mid-August.  This brings in a more lively energy that will gain in strength and finally burst into full force next month during Leo Season. 

Mars in Leo is a good transit to have happening during family-oriented Cancer season because it brings in the desire to play and have fun, especially with children and youth.  So be sure to include kid-friendly activities in your calendar all summer long (even if you are not going to be around kids!)  Play, vacations and other celebrations are highlighted.   Get out of the house now and then to take up something a little more adventurous or risk-taking, like zip-lining or paint ball or whatever the latest trend is.  Mars in Leo is also a highly creative energy that supports projects in the arts, music, theater  or any venture that requires a creative flare.  So go see an outdoor concert or check out a summer theater festival.

Slow Down, Chill Out, Head for Home:  Astrology Forecast for Cancer Season, June 21 to July 22, 2019 (Pacific)  Welcome to Cancer Season! And what a season it will be, with Mercury Retrograde plus 2 eclipses happening!  What does that mean for your career, love relationships, family life and the political stage?  Check out my new article.

Family, Clan, Nation: Getting Back to our Roots

Cancer is the sign that relates to patriotism and feeling loyal to our “clan”.  As a result, Cancer Season always sees a surge in sentimental feelings of attachment to our family, our ancestors, our cultural heritage and our country of origin.  We start to pay more attention to our ancestral roots.  Our concept of national pride and unity swells, too.  So there is a reason that the United States makes a huge deal about Independence Day during Cancer season!  Tribalism and nationalism is a natural expression of the Cancer archetype.  (Not to mention the fact that in the Sibley chart, the USA has the Sun, Mercury, Venus and Jupiter all in the sign of Cancer). 

Unfortunately, in today’s political climate, national loyalty can quickly tip over into toxic nationalism and fear of foreigners.  Cancer is a sign that is exceedingly self-protective, private, security-conscious and security-seeking.  So these traits might become the things that motivate political leaders for the next few weeks.  This year we have the Sun, Mercury, Venus and the North Lunar Node all in Cancer, so we can likely expect an increase in political chest-thumping about border security, along with a rise in a particularly nasty form of nationalistic “us versus them” group mentality.  Governments might make “national security” their favorite default argument in their political rhetoric.  Or they may take advantage of Cancer’s sense of insecurity by using fear-mongering tactics in order to ram through an unappetizing bill or law. (all done, of course, while appealing to public pride in nation state.)  Similarly, the importance of online privacy and the security of personal information might also start making headlines again.

With Saturn, Pluto, Pluto’s South Node and the Lunar South Node all in Cancer’s  opposing sign of Capricorn, there is likely to be more political strife, anger and conflict caused by old-fashioned views of nationalism.   Saturn retrograding in its domicile indicates an opportunity to re-think or restructure our conscious thoughts about societies, governments and authority figures.  It is time to restructure some of the ideas  we have been conditioned to believe in since birth.  The cosmos is urging us to let go of our outdated patriarchal views on national loyalty in favor of a more open, accepting and inclusive view of other countries and groups of people.  Strong national identity is a potentially dangerous ideology that can quickly get fired up into toxic competition between nations leading to trade and financial disputes, a general de-humanizing of the “enemy nation” and eventually, war.  It is time to change this.  

The cosmic dial is pointing toward the sign of Cancer this month in a huge way, meaning: human nations/societies must be remade into systems that actually nurture people (physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually) and are conducive to their well-being.  Currently, societies are geared to benefit business and the almighty dollar instead.  But personal feelings and emotions are not just “illogical, irrational deterrents” to be ignored in favor of a nation’s bottom line or the growth of the national GDP.  Without the development of nurturing societies, humans could doom ourselves into extinction, along with the whole planet.  

So take some time to really honor the Cancer energies in your life now:  Honor your feelings and emotions, and honor them in other people.  Honor the part of you that is caring and supportive of other beings, the part that prioritizes the needs of another instead of just yourself.  Spend some time getting in touch with your intuition, and learn to listen to it.  Step back and reflect more on what is happening around you.  Nurture yourself and nurture other people, or nurture a plant or an animal.  Nurture the Earth herself.  Practice seeing other nations, cultures and societies as part of your own family.  Bring more personal interaction and caring into your day, even when conducting business (especially when conducting business).   Governments cannot make this world a more caring and healthy place to be, but individuals certainly can.


Part II:  Eclipse Season

Cancer is a water sign and with all the eclipses happening this month, it is likely to be an emotional time for many of us.  Empaths will be on overdrive with their intuition and sensitivity and people in general might seem moody or frustrated.  Eclipses are wild cards that tend to usher in the unexpected.   Energy portals open, allowing new energies into our lives, and the effects of these energies are often felt months before and after the eclipse date itself. 

This month, a total Solar eclipse takes place near the New Moon on July 2nd at 10 degrees Cancer.  If you have a planet or significant point in your chart near 10 degrees in the cardinal signs of Aries, Cancer, Libra or Capricorn, this eclipse will affect you especially.  Since the effects of an eclipse are felt prior and after the actual date, check your chart and watch for any transiting or progressed planets triggering the 10 degree mark this year.  The effects of this eclipse will be especially potent for people residing in South America, especially Brazil, Argentina, Ecuador, Uruguay and Paraguay.  The Pacific Ocean near that region is also affected by this eclipse.  With our oceans and ocean creatures struggling so hard for survival right now, it will be interesting to speculate on what this eclipse means for the waters. 

During a Solar eclipse, the Moon is the stronger luminary, bringing to light sub-conscious material from our psyches into our awareness.  We suddenly become aware of emotions and feelings we have been repressing.  This eclipse is part of Saros cycle 127 which last took place on June 21, 2001.  So to understand how this eclipse might affect you, think back to what was going on in your life during that time.  

Slow Down, Chill Out, Head for Home: Astrology Forecast for Cancer Season, June 21 to July 22, 2019 (Pacific) Welcome to Cancer Season! And what a season it will be, with Mercury Retrograde plus 2 eclipses happening!  What does that mean for your career, love relationships, family life and the political stage?  Check out my new article.
New Moon and Solar Eclipse, July 2, 2019

A partial Lunar Eclipse takes place during the Full Moon on July 16th at 24 degrees Capricorn.  If you have a planet or significant point in your chart near 24 degrees of Aries, Cancer, Libra or Capricorn, this eclipse will be affecting you in particular.  Again, the effects of this eclipse will be long lasting—so check your chart for any transiting or progressed planets triggering your 24 degree cardinal planet or point this year.  In a Lunar eclipse, the Sun is the stronger luminary.  The effects of this eclipse will be especially potent for people residing in Asia, Australia, Africa, Europe, and South America, and is part of Saros cycle 139 which last took place on July 5, 2001.  So think back to what was happening in your life back then, because a similar issue might arise once more and you will get another crack at resolving it.

Slow Down, Chill Out, Head for Home: Astrology Forecast for Cancer Season, June 21 to July 22, 2019 (Pacific) Welcome to Cancer Season! And what a season it will be, with Mercury Retrograde plus 2 eclipses happening!  What does that mean for your career, love relationships, family life and the political stage?  Check out my new article.
Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse, July 16 2019

Cancer represents family, your personal private life at home, emotions and feelings.  It prioritizes nurturing others.  Meanwhile, Capricorn represents the very opposite: your career, your public life away from home, logic, reason, and practicality.  It prioritizes work goals and ambitions.  Due to the eclipses and the pile up of planets along this Cancer/Capricorn axis, the two opposing energies are at loggerheads this month.  Balancing the two will at times seem impossible, and might feel frustrating.  But when given the choice, try to head toward the Cancer side of the axis now.  If you have no choice and must put career matters over your family at this time, then at least attempt to carry out your career duties in a way that is “Cancer-ish.”  That is, carry out your work goals and responsibilities in a way that is kind, caring, helpful to others and has a personal touch.  Try to treat work colleagues and clients as if they were members of your own family.  

Globally, the eclipses are also highlighting the disruption of patriarchal systems.  Breaking down the patriarchy in politics, finance, religion and interpersonal relationships is a rocky process, and frankly, a messy one, with a lot of fallout.  This month’s eclipses on the Cancer/Capricorn axis are not exactly a happy sign if you were hoping for world events to suddenly improve.  Apparently, the cosmos is saying there is still a lot more work to be done on this planet before that can happen.  But despite how bad things look on the surface, know that the system’s roots are under attack, are collapsing and being restructured.

Part III:  Mercury Retrograde July 6th–31st, 2019

Mercury stations to begin it’s retrograde journey on July 6th at 4 degrees Leo.  This retrograde period will particularly affect those of you who have planets between 23 degrees Cancer and 4 degrees Leo.  Check your natal chart, and pay attention to which house the retrograde falls in, for that is the area of life that will be most affected by this transit.

As with any Mercury Retrograde, there will probably be the usual amount of communication, travel and technology cock-ups.  But there is no reason to overly fear these mishaps.  They only tend to happen if you are going too fast, or are trying to press forward too forcefully.  Instead of trying to go forward in a linear fashion, tune into the retro energies and you will feel what is more appropriate to do during this time, and the speed at which to do it.  It might mean you have to go backward before you can move forward again.  Or it might mean you have to really slow down a lot.  Or it might mean you have to dig in your heels and just wait.  Or it might mean you just have to tread water for a while before progress can happen again.  Don’t fret–enjoy the pause instead and make use of it.  Use this time to re-treat, reflect, re-evaluate, re-store, re-do, repair, renovate, re-negotiate or any other “re-” activity that is appropriate for your situation.

Mercury Retrograde in Leo Message:  Respect Yourself, Respect Others 

When Mercury is retrograding in Leo (between July 6th through 19th) it is time to go back and finish old creative projects.  Do you have some half-finished creative or artistic task lying around that you began a while ago and never finished?  Or projects that involve parties, celebrations, hobbies, sports, recreation or children?  Go back and deal with them now.  Leadership might become a theme in these projects:  who is the boss?  There might also be issues pertaining to pride, ego, stubbornness and being overly self-centered. 

Misunderstandings and miscommunications could be a potential problem for the first two weeks of July (and especially between July 8 and 11).  During this time, Mercury will conjoin Mars in Leo and square Uranus in Taurus while trining Chiron in Aries.  We will be more likely to take offense or get our feathers ruffled if we believe we are being disrespected or taken for granted.  If someone seems to be disregarding your importance, your ego might suddenly flare and before your know it, hostile words are flying out of your mouth.  If sudden or unexpected arguments break out now, they are likely caused by a sense that our dignity has been carelessly trampled upon.  Either that or the argument was caused by:

  1. a complete misunderstanding of what someone actually said (words spoken too quickly or their message not explained fully enough), or
  2. excessive stubbornness or
  3. an emotional over-reaction caused by seeing the situation only from your own point of view (being overly self-centred), or
  4. more than one person vying for leadership over something.  Everyone wants to be be the boss and too many cooks spoiling the broth.

Happily, Mercury and Mars are also trining Chiron in Aries, which means most of these arguments and misunderstandings can get cleared up right away, without a lot of major damage.  If you take action right away to talk the problem out with the other person, you can get this patched up fairly fast and then get back on with the festivities.  Don’t forget that the more self-respect you have, the less likely you will feel threatened when others appear to disrespect you.  So during this retrograde season, it might be more productive to work on your own self-esteem issues, rather than to spend all of your energy trying to force people around you to honor your importance.


Mercury Retrograde in Cancer Message:  Remember the Past in order to Heal the Present

When Mercury retrogrades back into Cancer (between July 19th and August 1st), the tone of the retrograde periods changes to focus more on family and domestic life again.  We will also become more pre-occupied with the past.  Cancer is a sign that tends to refer to the past, and the retrograde motion of Mercury will strengthen this tendency.  So our thoughts might drift back to our childhoods and early family life.  We might become more sentimental and spend a lot of time lost in our memories.  We might also have to revisit our past in order to re-examine old family patterns or to resolve issues that first began in our childhoods.  Perhaps it is a good time to have a conversation with a parent or a sibling over something that happened long ago in order to resolve a long standing issue.  There might be a strong feeling of having to take two steps back in order to take one step forward.  Avoid indirect communication during this time.  Cancer, a sign that is famous for sideways motion, might make us feel tempted to get our point across in indirect or passive-aggressive ways.  Instead, speak clearly, directly and assertively, or else risk causing miscommunications that could cause havoc.   

Mercury will be in its shadow period from July 31 to August 14th so these retrograde themes might briefly arise once again during this period, seeking final resolution.

Part IV:  Love Forecast

June 23-24, 2019   Venus in Gemini opposition retrograde Jupiter in Sagittarius and quincunx retrograde Saturn in Capricorn, square Moon/Neptune in Pisces.

You might get a little carried away with flirting or socializing around this time.  There is a tendency to go overboard when it comes to love matters now.  It will be easy to act over-the-top in romance or come on a little too strong with someone you are attracted to.  You might have high hopes and that’s fine–just make sure you are not chasing an unrealistic dream or pushing yourself onto someone who does not want your attentions.   An underlying feeling of insecurity might be causing you to over-do your affections.  Feeling like you are not good enough or that the situation is not perfect might lead you to push even harder.  But maybe the best thing to do right now is it to tone it all down a bit.  Try to pull back some.  Also, watch what you say right now.  Talking way too much might get you in trouble.  Avoid secret relationships now or resorting to affairs.

June 27, 2019   Venus in Gemini quincunx Pluto retrograde in Capricorn, Sun in Cancer sextile Uranus in Taurus and square Chiron in Aries.

Love matters still probably don’t feel quite right which might lead you into a spell of brooding.  Your sex life might also be less than perfect despite your efforts to turn things around.  A sudden opportunity to spend some time with family might arise now but you might not feel much solace coming from them, either.   A relative might say something hurtful or disrespectful.  Or an old painful family issue resurfaces now, making you wonder if things will ever change.  If your ego feels bruised, you might take it out in your love relationship by acting in ways that are manipulative or controlling.  If you are feeling jealous, abandoned or angry, try not to resort to playing games now or creating unnecessary drama.  Be honest and direct.  View this awkward time as the perfect opportunity to work on cultivating inner change.  

July 3, 2019 Venus enters Cancer.

Venus leaves Gemini and enters Cancer on July 3, residing there until July 27th.  Your desire to flirt and socialize might slow down now.  You might even decide that a better target for your love and affection is your family.  You might suddenly tire of socializing and quick hookups in favor of plying your loved ones with some old-fashioned TLC.  If you already are in a relationship, love matters take on a more solicitous feel.  You might become more motherly toward your partner or fuss over their well-being like they were a kid.  You might sentimentally sigh over the past and remember the good ol’ days.  Or you might get more interested in old-fashioned kinds of love rituals eg. cooking your lover a great meal, going on a picnic or sending flowers.


Jul  8, 2019  Venus in Cancer square Chiron in Aries and sextile Uranus in Taurus, Sun in Cancer quincunx retrograde Jupiter in Sagittarius,  Mercury conjunct Mars in Leo applying to square Uranus.

Ouch.  An unexpected circumstance arises, angry words fly and suddenly, your love life really hurts.  Healing is required now.  You can help bring resolution to the situation by making a point of talking things through when you find a moment.  However, the situation is not likely finished.   If you feel in your bones that something is brewing now that will have to be addressed later, you are probably right.  The situation will likely come to a head around the 16th.

July 16, 2019  Lunar Eclipse at 24 Capricorn, conjunct retrograde Saturn and retrograde Pluto and Lunar South Node and Pluto’s south node, opposite Mercury/Venus in Cancer, sextile Neptune in Pisces, Venus in Cancer quincunx retrograde Jupiter in Sagittarius and opposition retrograde Saturn in Capricorn.

The situation you felt brewing for the past week might come to a head now.  It might be a volatile time for love matters, as well as other areas of life!  You have a dream of how an ideal love relationship could look like (and if you examine the situation closely, you might see that you are already experiencing some pretty ideal things).  But in other ways, your love relationship might feel at a complete stalemate or like it has hit the wall.  Romance might be blocked or on hold.  You might be feeling that your partner is cold, unloving or holding back in some way or preventing you from getting something you desperately want.  Or you might be feeling insecure, unloved or rejected.  Even talking about it might feel too hard–maybe your partner doesn’t want to discuss things, either.  The situation spills over onto other family members as well, (you might feel like your family is unloving or unsupportive).  Hang on–resolution might begin over the next few days.

July 17-18  2019    Venus conjunct North Node in Cancer and trine retrograde Neptune in Pisces.  Moon in Aquarius.

The best way to get out of a relationship mess is to adopt a caring or understanding approach now.  Aim for a situation of mutual support–both people compromising and giving to one another.  Try to put aside your work at this time and put your partner and family first now and you could find moments of real bliss.  

Jul 20-21, 2019   Venus in Cancer opposition retrograde Pluto in Capricorn, Sun conjunct retrograde Mercury in Cancer, Moon in Pisces trine Venus.

Love matters get more intense as our passion, desires and feelings all seem to escalate.  You might want something badly now and will do anything to get it.  You might feel an ideal situation is just within reach.  Old issues from the past few weeks might kick up again, still looking for some sort of resolution.  Try to avoid pointless drama, be clear and direct in your conversations and calmly ask for what you want.  You might just get it.  

Slow Down, Chill Out, Head for Home: Astrology Forecast for Cancer Season, June 21 to July 22, 2019 (Pacific) Welcome to Cancer Season! And what a season it will be, with Mercury Retrograde plus 2 eclipses happening!  What does that mean for your career, love relationships, family life and the political stage?  Check out my new article.

Stay tuned for more astro info as the Cosmic Alignment Series continues next month for Leo Season.  See you then!

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