Aim for Your Personal Best: Astrology Forecast for Virgo Season: August 23–September 23

General Vibe:

Most people think Virgo Season is not as wild and exciting as the previous Leo Season.  But while Leo is an outgoing yang energy that is all about fun, play, celebrations and creative self-expression, Virgo is a much milder, quieter, yin energy that has completely different charms.  Known for its emphasis on moderation and practicality, Virgo Season helps us to balance and ground once again after Leo’s exuberant “Anything goes as long as it is fun!” vibe.  

Virgo season highlights working and studying.  So it’s the time each year when we get back to our jobs or to school.  Virgo energy is also fond of tidying up, organizing and becoming more efficient.  So we feel the urge to get things organized and back into a schedule again after the summer chaos.  We might start to Mari Kondo our house, or set up a more productive work schedule.  As an Earth sign, it also puts the focus on harvesting and preserving food from the garden and enjoying the mutable cosmic energies as the seasons start to shift.

Virgo is also about shooting for our personal best in everything we take on.  Virgo energy loves improvement.  It helps us to analyze things in order to achieve greater efficiency.  Right down to the smallest detail.  Virgo energy is on an endless quest for perfection, whether it is in work, play or relationships.  As an Earth sign, that includes seeking to improve out own bodies.  If you have been thinking about starting a new health routine, or revamping your nutrition, health or hygiene regimen, now is the time to do that.  So renew your membership at your gym or make a dentist appointment–whatever you have been meaning to do for your health but have been putting off for a while.

Work, Work Work!

Virgo energy is all about productivity and utility.  To be happy in Virgo season, we must feel useful.   We are all about working now.   

During this Virgo Season, the Sun, Mercury, Venus and Mars will all be in Virgo and will all take turns forming a grand trine with Uranus in Taurus, and with Saturn/Pluto in Capricorn.  Wow– nice!  Extremely productive transits that will help you get your work done and done well.  Many of us will be working very hard and for long hours and yet it will not feel like a grind.  It will actually feel kind of exciting at times.  There is room to be creative and inventive in all this work  and a chance to introduce new concepts to traditional ways of doing things.  

Be prepared to go that extra mile, this season.  In whatever task you take on, you will likely be paying more attention to all the small particulars, and working a bit harder to make the finished outcome as perfect as you can get it.  And with Jupiter finally out of retrograde motion (as of August 11, 2019), and squaring all the Virgo planets, he is eager to whip up the Virgo planets to work even harder.  

Another top activity for Virgo season is chores!  All those necessary upkeeping tasks that you usually put off because they are not that much fun (cleaning out the garage, washing the dog, organizing your cupboards, cleaning up the files on your computer, etc.)  While you usually might think these activities are tedious, during Virgo Season you might actually take pleasure in these tasks.  And due to Virgo Season’s fondness for efficiency and practicality you might suddenly become inspired by minimalism or Zero-waste living.  Even if you aren’t a committed minimalist, it is still a great time to pare down the excess clutter in your household and send items to the thrift shop. 

Virgo Season Starts with some Leo Season Leftovers

This year, Virgo Season begins with the Sun, Venus and Mars in Virgo.  But Virgo’s ruler Mercury is stuck back in Leo still and doesn’t enter the picture until the 29th.  So some of the Leo energies will linger on in our lives for a while.  Our thoughts will be stuck in summer vacation mode still and our minds might wander away from our work.  While you might be showing up at your job everyday, you might not be fully into it yet.  You might balk a little bit.  You might think, “I’d rather be off somewhere else having fun,” or  “What is in all this work for ME?” or even, “I won’t do this particular task unless I can get the credit for it or lead the project.”  But after the 29th, those Leo tendencies will disappear and your mind will feel more in synch with your work activities.  You will understand it is not about fun or personal glory anymore–it is about doing what needs to be done, even if the task does not lead to loads of accolades.  The reward will be in doing work that is useful, productive, highly detailed and well-crafted.

Mercury and Venus enter Libra on September 14th putting the focus more on our relationships with friends, lovers and people in general, giving us a sneak peak into Libra season, which will be arriving soon.

A  Virgo Season Mutable T-square:  Achieving Your Big Dream

With Neptune opposing all the planets in Virgo, the carrot on the stick right now is a big dream that you have–the promise of fulfilling some sort of ideal.  This ideal might feel like it is within reach if you just work hard enough, long enough and tend carefully to all the minutiae that are involved.  Jupiter forms a T-square with Neptune and the Virgo planets, further fueling your ideals and your Big Dream.  It might seem that your aspirations are only as high as your imagination can reach.

Normally, Jupiter squaring Neptune warns of self-delusion about your dreams, but this month, all the Virgo planets help to ground you with common sense and a practical outlook.  So your Big Dream is shaped by your practical understanding of how much work you need to put in to actually make the dream come true.  There will be moments, of course, when you might become confused, impractical or unrealistic about what you can truly accomplish, or you might even get carried away with too many small details.  But generally, all those planets in Virgo will help bring you back to Earth quickly.  

Service to Others

Virgo Season’s focus on work is largely motivated by a desire for self-improvement.  But Virgo energy is big on service to others, too.  So this makes it a great time to help out other people with practical tasks.  Know someone who is in a bind or needs help?  Offer to take up some of their workload now.   

The mutable T-square operating this month highlights compassion, selflessness and a desire to help others.  Both Virgo and Pisces are service-oriented signs.  As a result, we all might become more responsive to those who need help.  Jupiter in Sagittarius, meanwhile, will urge us to be of service to others because it makes sense from a spiritual or philosophical point of view–because helping others is inherently ethical, moral or just.  And because this T-square involves Virgo and Pisces, that can also mean helping out animals, too.  If you want to feel good about yourself and about life in general, now is a good time to go do some volunteer work, such as a helping out at a soup kitchen or animal shelter.   Ask yourself:  what would help make the world a better place?  Try to make time in your schedule for that now.

World Events:  Delusional Religious Beliefs

On the darker side of this mutable T-square, religious fundamentalists of all types could get carried away with this energy.  This particular T-square is a potent combination of faith, belief and a hyper-critical attitude that gets thrown together and amped up in an extreme and imbalanced way.  This will act as fuel to any sort of religious fire that is grounded in intellectual arrogance, delusional thinking, and hostility toward outsiders (such as non-believers or immigrants).  Whether it is Christian, Islamic or any other type of fundamentalist thinking, this T-square’s energies might whip that into a drug-like high that can be very dangerous because it is grounded in lies and illusions rather than reality.

Many of us who are not into any particular form of religion could also be led astray now.  Everyone has a belief system about how the world or the universe operates, even if it is not informed by organized religion.  And those beliefs can get super imbalanced now.  Our beliefs can expand now, based on nothing but falsehoods.  The missing leg of this T-square is Gemini, which refers to facts.  Where are the facts in your outlook?  Don’t be tempted to believe in something just because it already matches your worldview.  Strive now to see reality as it truly exists, even if it contradicts your personal belief system.  Help seeing the facts and the truth of cold hard reality might come from Saturn, who will trine all the Virgo planets in succession, and who goes into direct motion on September 18th.

avel-chuklanov-9cx4-QowgLc-unsplash"Aim for Your Personal Best:  Astrology Forecast for Virgo Season: August 23--September 23, Pacific"  Want to know what the cosmos has in store for your career, love life and world events?  Click through to read the article now!

In addition, this T-square might be problematic because it can fuel climate-change denial or the desire to escape from the unpleasant reality of where our globe is headed.  Inconvenient truths might seem easy to ignore now.  Those who want to can still escape from reality into an optimistic belief system for a while.  If you don’t want to face the truth of what your eyes are telling you, you might be tempted to disappear into your head, into your Happy Place.  And this will affect everyone, from those on the political right to those on the left, as well as people of all kinds of faiths.  When watching the news about yet another environmental disaster as species after species collapse, Christian fundamentalists might comfort themselves with stories about the rapture or “God’s Plan” while New Age folks might grasp at positive thinking or the Law of Attraction.  However, this will not work forever.  When Jupiter finally leaves Sagittarius and crosses into Capricorn in December of 2019, joining Saturn and Pluto already there, cold hard reality can no longer be ignored.  So resist the urge to tune out and to turn into a “bliss ninny.”  It is the time to stay grounded in reality, where you will be much more useful to the planet.  

It is no accident that Jupiter is squaring Neptune while the important Saturn/Pluto conjunction approaches.  When an impending crisis is looming (Saturn/Pluto in Capricorn), people often have trouble accepting what is happening and will resort to fantasy or self-delusion to escape the reality of the threat (Jupiter in Sagittarius square Neptune in Pisces).  

Some Highlights of Virgo Season:

Aug 24, 2019  Venus conjunct Mars in Virgo, Mercury in Leo full phase quincunx with Pluto. 

Work is asking a lot from you now, but you might be resisting this because you would rather be doing something more fun.  Job duties or your boss might require you to bend awkwardly to their needs.  This could feel like irritating interference.  People might resist your leadership now.  Don’t argue with them.  Reign in your ego and just do what it takes to fit in.  Beauty lies in the details now–take pains to get your tasks perfect.  In finances, pay attention to the pennies or the petty cash.  In relationships, show your love by doing something for your loved one (instead of buying them something or just telling them with words.)   Even small actions of service to others will have big impact now, if they are practical and useful.

Aug 25 and 26, 2019  Venus and Mars in Virgo in gibbous quincunx with Chiron in Aries, Venus trine Uranus in Taurus. 

Time to examine what you are eating and drinking and the way your lifestyle habits are impacting your health.  Where can you make improvements in nutrition, exercise or hygiene?  It might feel like a drag but now is a good time to try to make adjustments.  You might feel embarrassed by a part of your life that feels messy or seems out of control.  Time to clean it up.  An irritating problem in your love relationship or finances might show up around the 25th.  If you pay attention to the small details, you could resolve the situation suddenly on the 26th, and end up heading toward an exciting new path.

Aug 28, 2019  Mars in Virgo trine Uranus in Taurus; Sun in Virgo in gibbous quincunx with Chiron in Aries

Listen to your inner voice today and when prompted, take quick action.  Try not to think twice or doubt yourself.  If you are in the flow of things and act quickly, you could make a genius move that is very useful.  However, your ego might take a few knocks.  You might feel a sense of shame about failing to make the grade.  Don’t dwell on it.  You are likely being extra hard on yourself.  Make some shifts in order to improve and then move on.  You ego will likely feel better about it all on the 30th.  Speedy reflexes will also help today when you are doing any physical activities. 


Aug 29, 2019  Mercury enters Virgo

Wow, what a Virgo Party we have going on now since the star of the show finally arrived.  Ruler Mercury enters Virgo, to join the Sun, Venus and Mars already residing there.  Until this point, you might have felt like your head was not completely in the game when it came to any sort of work, chores or duties.  From now on, you will be feeling more aligned and in full work mode.  All systems ahead.

Aug 30, 2019  New Moon in Virgo, Sun in Virgo trine Uranus in Taurus.

It’s a fresh start!  Set intentions about what you want to accomplish in the next few weeks.  What are you willing to work hard on?  What do you want to get done?  What needs improving?  Make practical goals.  Tasks that are tangible and concrete (like things you do with your hands) are especially favored now.  And especially if they involve finances, possessions, cooking, cleaning, gardening, computers, organizing or otherwise improving something.  Pick a task and then throw yourself into that project for the next few weeks.  As a result, your self identity might shift and you could end up feeling loads better about yourself.

Aug 31, 2019   Mercury in Virgo in gibbous quincunx with Chiron in Aries

Ah, Virgo humbleness and modesty.  Sometimes it can be a total pain in the butt, like today when it can turn toxic.  You might feel bad about being “not smart enough” about something.  Or not perfect enough in some way.   And then you start to beat yourself up.   Or worse, your sense of inadequacy might motivate you to try to shift the blame and criticize others.  If you realize you got something completely wrong, make a few shifts now to try to fix the situation.  If you can’t find the problem, then wait until tomorrow because you might get a flash of genius that will show you how to make improvements.

Sep 1, 2019   Mercury in Virgo trine Uranus in Taurus, Venus in Virgo trine Saturn in Capricorn

Conversations and messaging could get speedy today.  You might find yourself communicating with a lot of people, ones you have never met before.  These folks might seem especially bright, inventive or eccentric.  Ideas are flying around fast and furious–a perfect day for brainstorming.  If you need precise manual dexterity, today is your day.  In love and romance, it should also be a fairly smooth day.  You don’t need flashy flirting and exciting romance now–just eating dinner together in your pjs together or something equally practical is enough.  You might make a commitment to someone about something that is long-term.  Also a good time for investing in jewelry or a piece of art, especially if it is something that you want to keep forever.

Sep 2-3, 2019  Sun conjunct Mars in Virgo, Venus in Virgo in last quarter square with Jupiter. Mercury conjunct Mars in Virgo. 

Tempers might flare during this time.  We are quick to criticize now.  And to get involved in petty arguments.  Are you making a mountain out of a molehill?  Are you sweating the small stuff too much?   Are you going nuts over a project because you can’t get the tiny details absolutely right?  Get off the computer or take a break from whatever it is you are doing and take some deep breaths.  And remember that perfection is an illusion–it does not exist in reality, no matter how much you might want it to.

"Aim for Your Personal Best:  Astrology Forecast for Virgo Season: August 23--September 23, Pacific"  Want to know what the cosmos has in store for your career, love life and world events?  Click through to read the article now!

Happily, love and romance swells.  Show someone you love them by helping them out today.  Do an errand for them, or help them clean something up.  Practical work and useful assistance will speak volumes and score points now.  Hang onto your money–you might be temped to overspend.  Or overeat.  You don’t have to do things the way everybody else does now.  Follow your own instincts.

Sep 4, 2019  Sun conjunct Mercury in Virgo, Venus in Virgo opposition Neptune in Pisces

You might be in a highly romantic mood today.  Someone might seem ideal to you and ignite your wildest dreams.  And you might be dying to rush up and tell them so.  Try to keep your feet on the ground.  This transit is famous for causing confusion–you might not be seeing things straight when it comes to love and financial matters.  If it seems too good to be true, then it probably is.  Wait a couple days before making your move.

Sep 5–7, 2019  Mercury in Virgo trine Saturn in Capricorn and square Jupiter in Sagittarius, Sun trine Saturn, Venus trine Pluto in Capricorn, Mercury opposition Neptune in Pisces

On the 5th, conversations, messages and other communiques start out clear and logical but then that clarity starts to deteriorate over the next few days.  It’s a great day to fix computer problems, do bookeeping or other tedious tasks that require attention to detail.  On the 6th, you might be flooded with texts, email and telephone conversations.  Or you might end up in a conversation with someone who can’t seem to stop talking.  Or maybe it is you that has a lot to say.   Resist the urge to teach and preach, or to explain boring details in a pedantic way.  By the 7th, conversations have deteriorated into gossip or just plain false statements, mainly because people are getting things confused or are having memory problems.  Also on the 7th, passion and desire might flare…for romance, money, food or other earthly pleasures.  Enjoy.

Sep 8, 2019  Sun in Virgo in last quarter square to Jupiter in Sagittarius

Egos might get a bit overblown today.  Try to keep yours in check.  People are in the mood to preach about their favorite belief systems or philosophies today in pedantic or paternalistic ways.  It can be aggravating to listen to.  Make sure you are not the one doing this, either.  

Sep 9, 2019  Mercury in Virgo trine Pluto in Capricorn, Mars in Virgo trine Saturn in Capricorn

Words can be highly convincing today.  Powerful communications in person or in the news might strike a positive chord.  Excellent day for folks who have to give a speech or conduct an important meeting.  Also good for those who work with their hands or have jobs in a building trade or working with machines.  You might be extra productive now.  The rest of us will still benefit from this constructive energy by getting a bit more focused on our tasks and long term goals, especially with tying up small loose ends.   


Sep 10, 2019  Sun in Virgo opposition Neptune in Pisces

A day when everyone feels a little spaced out, so don’t expect everyone to be completely on top of their game.  People might be forgetful or preoccupied at work.  Cut others some slack now.  It’s a good day to meditate or connect with the Higher Realms or daydream about an ideal situation that you could possibly work toward.

Sep 12-14, 2019  Mars in Virgo in last quarter square with Jupiter in Sagittarius, Mercury and Venus enter Libra, Mercury conjunct Venus in Libra, Sun in Virgo trine Pluto in Capricorn, Mars in Virgo opposition Neptune in Pisces, Full Moon in Pisces

On the 12th, everyone might feel a bit more energized at work, or gung-ho about the tasks that they are doing.  Some folks are going over the top now, it seems.  You might have to take action to implement a path that goes against the crowd now.   Listen to your inner voice and take action on it, even if it flies in the face of habit, routine or convention.  The 13th is a great day to give and receive compliments, so if someone is doing a good job, tell them!  It could have a highly positive effect.  But on the 14th, be sure to double check your actions (and everyone else’s) because we all might be getting super sloppy.  

Sep 16, 17, 2019  Mercury and Venus in Libra opposition Chiron in Aries, Mercury in Libra quincunx with Uranus in Taurus

Romantic partnerships and relationships of all kinds can easily go south now.  Something might feel really unfair.  Resist the urge to say something hurtful because your words are powerful now and the results could be devastating on the receiving end.  Unconscious feelings of inferiority can lead you to suddenly say something mean.  Similarly, if someone says something hurtful to you today, consider that it is coming from a place of feeling inferior.  It is a time when other people’s points of view will come to light.  It might feel difficult to defend yourself today or like you just want to avoid conflict.  But shame or embarrassment might force you into a painful conversation.

Sep 18, 2019 Saturn Direct

Your work goals should get an added boost thanks to Saturn finally turning direct in motion after many months of retrograde travel.  If it feels like you had to fight a lot of obstacles or roadblocks in the past few months, that situation should improve as the weeks go by.  The wind will shift to your back now, assisting you to move forward with your work goals once again.

Sep 18, 19, 2019  Venus in Libra in gibbous phase quincunx with Uranus in Taurus, Mars in Virgo trine Pluto in Capricorn

You might suffer from sudden attacks of insecurity when it comes to romance or finances now.  Something is bugging you and it might seem hard to fix.  Your relationship might feel unfair or one-sided right now.  There might be an unexpected issue about money.  Sudden changes in circumstances might have you making adjustments, over and over again.  If all else fails, stop trying to fix things with your partner and just go to bed early because even though romance stumbles today, sex is probably still pretty good.

Sep 21, 2019  Jupiter in Sagittarius in last quarter square with Neptune in Pisces

This transit has been operating for a long time and highlights our beliefs and ideals.  Jupiter and Neptune help to inflate them to astronomical proportions.  But just because you believe something does not make it true.  Self-delusion is rampant these days.  The media might be flooded by a fake news extravaganza, or by over-the-top religious evangelizing.  Spiritual pursuits, however, can feel sublime to partake in now.  Just resist the urge to proselytize to others.            

Sep 21-22, 2019  Mercury in Libra square Saturn in Capricorn and lunar nodes in Cancer/Capricorn

During this time, you might feel like you have entered a Mercury Retrograde zone.  But thankfully, it is only for a day or two.  Messages, conversations or other communications might feel blocked.  You might develop technology issues or have trouble during your daily commute.  Not a great day for important conversations or public speaking because people are really into criticizing today, voicing negative views or playing devil’s advocate just for the hell of it.   And if you are watching someone struggle with their own communication issues, try to be supportive and kind or risk setting up a karmic situation that you will only have to repeat at a later time.


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