Finding the Courage to Walk Your True Path: Your Astrology Forecast for Libra Season, September 23-October 23, 2019 (Pacific)

General Vibe:

Happy Equinox!  Blessed Mabon!  Happy first day of Autumn!  Welcome, everyone, to Libra Season! 

Some of you might be feeling a bit tired or burnt out by now because you were working very hard during the previous Virgo Season.  Many of you put in long hours and reached new levels of your own personal best.  Well done!  However, work issues will begin to take a back seat now while interpersonal relations come to the fore.  It’s all about people and relationships now.

Libra Season is the time of year that typically highlights socializing and partnerships, especially love partnerships.  During Libra season, we are in the mood for company and our social lives gets much busier.  Even if you are an introvert your social life will probably pick up now because other people will be seeking you out more than usual. 

With the Sun, Mercury, Venus and Mars sextiling Jupiter in Sagittarius, there will be lots of opportunities to go out and have fun, meet new people, visit old friends or simply party.  Love and romance is on a lot of people’s minds and if you are single, the need to partner up with someone might feel stronger than usual.  Due to the sextile, you’ll get a lot of bang for your buck now, so if you want more people in your life, get out there and make things happen–the more effort you put in, the more reward you will get.

Libra Season also typically favors all Venusian pursuits such as the arts, music, beauty, and fashion.   Being an air sign, the focus is also on communication and mental activities too, such as reading, writing and intellectual pursuits. 

Career-wise, you might get some opportunities to expand your network, team up with some new faces, or start a project with a work or business partner.  It’s also the time of year when appearance matters so you might want to spruce up your personal grooming methods now because people are paying more attention to what you look like.  How you present yourself to the public is key now, as well as how you get along with your co-workers or your boss.  So this puts the spotlight on marketing and branding (whether you work for yourself or for a company) as well as labor and employee relations and team building.   Do not underestimate the importance of these things now.

Relationship Difficulties

Libra Season is a typically the time when we all get more courteous of others and more interested in maintaining harmony rather than starting up conflict or arguments.  However, this year, there is a cosmic snag in that formula.  Due to Saturn, Pluto and the South Lunar Node in Capricorn, this Libra season will be a challenging one for relationships of all kinds.  At times, interacting with friends, family, bosses, colleagues and romantic partners might get tricky, feel frustrating or will pose certain challenges.  Some of our closest relationships might suddenly experience conflict.  Other relationships might just feel blocked or limited.  And at times we might just end up feeling lonely and misunderstood.

Finding the Courage to Walk Your True Path: Your Astrology Forecast for Libra Season, September 23-October 23, 2019 (Pacific). Want to know the best way to handle your social, romantic and professional relationships during this Libra Season? Click through to read the article now.

Generational Headsup:  If you were born in the Pluto in Libra generation (between 1971 and 1984), this Libra Season could be particularly challenging for your relationships.

If you were born during the early part of the Pluto in Libra generation (1971-1973):  the transiting planets in Libra will activate your natal Chiron in Aries and natal Uranus in Libra, both of which are forming a grandcross with transiting Saturn/Pluto and the nodal axis in Cancer/Capricorn.  Sudden, unexpected challenges might arise during social interactions, many of which might feel wounding because they harken back to painful issues from your past, especially in childhood.  A healing process is required now.  It might be a good time to therapeutically explore how your parent’s relationship affected you while you were growing up, especially if there was a divorce in the family.


If you were born in the middle part of the Pluto in Libra generation (born 1977-1980):  the transiting planets in Libra will activate your Pluto square Pluto Life Stage, which is further complicated by transiting Saturn.  So all the little conflicts being stirred up during Libra Season could trigger the bigger issues that you have been wrestling with for some time already.  At times you might feel particularly intense emotions and experience deep crises, especially involving relationships.  You might have a feeling like destiny is temporarily reaching into your life in a way that you cannot control, but must simply experience.  Maintain your courage and keep going.  Your path will clear eventually.  Refrain from trying to control or manipulate others now, and strive to compromise and go with the flow.  The cosmos is giving you an opportunity to confront habits, fears and compulsions that no longer serve you.

The Last Quarter Square:  Finding the Courage to Walk Your True Path

Sun, Mercury, Venus and Mars in Libra in last quarter square (overcoming) with Saturn/Pluto/Lunar South Node in Capricorn

During the previous Virgo Season, many of us were completely immersed in work mode–we were totally willing to do what it took to make the grade, improve our game and get ahead in whatever goal we were pursuing.  Relationships and social interactions were not much of an issue because we put our work first, didn’t question others much and just did whatever was necessary so that we could get ahead.

However, we won’t be able to coast along like that anymore.  Personal interactions might start to feel really off.  We might suddenly find ourselves in conflict with other people.  Or we might feel an internal pressure to stand up for what we personally believe in, or what we feel is right, just or fair, even though we know others will not be happy about it.  Back in Virgo Season, we might have been willing to let stuff go in order to focus more on practical concerns.  We might have just adopted the “grin and bear it” approach.  But now in Libra Season, we might feel we have reached our limit with that.

Finding the Courage to Walk Your True Path: Your Astrology Forecast for Libra Season, September 23-October 23, 2019 (Pacific). Want to know the best way to handle your social, romantic and professional relationships during this Libra Season? Click through to read the article now.

The last quarter square is a crucial aspect typified by “a crisis in consciousness”.  In Evolutionary Astrology, it is a time when the soul puts pressure on us to wake up and stop sleepwalking through life.  Suddenly, we become aware of how we are different from the people around us, from society and from the status quo.  And we get an uncomfortable feeling that we can no longer just go along with business as usual, like we did before. 

The last quarter square is an opportunity to change direction and follow our own path, rather than just following the routines and habits we have established previously.  It is a time when we have to take a personal stand in order to be more true to ourselves, even if it causes conflict with or separation from our previously established relationships, jobs and other commitments (which are represented by Saturn, Pluto and the Lunar South Node in Capricorn).  We start to ask ourselves: is it more important to conform to peer pressure, social conditioning and duty, or is it more important to live an authentic life?  Is it more important to fulfill someone else’s expectations in order to gain love and acceptance, or should I risk disapproval by expressing my own opinions, values and needs?

Personal authenticity might feel especially important now in your career, or in situations when you are dealing with people who cling to toxic forms of traditional, conservative or old-fashioned behavior.  During social interactions, you might be feeling pressured to go along with things that make you uncomfortable.  But now is the time to take action and follow your conscience rather than doing what others expect you to do.  You won’t get any rewards for challenging the norm (in fact, be prepared to receive some flack if you do), but I promise you that you will start to feel more aligned with your own ethics, your own soul and your true life’s path.  And that is truly worth all the effort.

The big problem, however, is the temptation to avoid facing your true feelings and to attempt to slither away from causing conflict.  While the Libran planets are forming this last quarter square, you might try to avoid causing disharmony and separation so that you don’t have to make any uncomfortable changes in your life.  You might try to avoid standing up for what you think is fair or equal, and simply stew in silence.  But that won’t work for long.  The other temptation is to do the extreme opposite: to suddenly become self-absorbed and self-righteous and start blowing up at people or trying to force your way upon them.  That won’t work now, either.

The challenge of this Libra Season is to firmly stand up for what you believe in, but to do it in a Libra like way–diplomatically, tactfully and in a way that attempts to smooth the situation out for everybody concerned.  It’s not necessary to pitch a huge public fit, but neither should you be a doormat, either.  We all are being challenged now to find that sweet spot in the middle that allows us to stand up for ourselves and go our own way, while minimizing conflict and separation, whenever possible.  Be willing to listen and understand the other person’s point of view, without caving in on your own.  Have the courage to walk your own path, and alone if you must, but first do everything you can to bridge gaps with others.

Finding the Courage to Walk Your True Path:  Your Astrology Forecast for Libra Season, September 23-October 23, 2019 (Pacific).  Want to know the best way to handle your social, romantic and professional relationships during this Libra Season?  Click through to read the article now.

Karmic Repercussions

With the Sun, Mercury, Venus and Mars squaring the Lunar Nodal Axis, the resolution node in this particular case is the North Node in Cancer.  This presses us even more to be kind and nurturing toward others as we stand up for ourselves and go about making the changes we feel compelled to make.  Don’t forget other people’s feelings now.  In order to break free and follow your own path, you might have to lend someone else a helping hand first.   


If we avoid doing what we know in our hearts is right, we could set up a potential skipped steps situation–a karmic situation where we have to repeat this same situation again in the future.  So take the fast route and do the right thing now–do what you know in your heart is right for yourself, but also be kind, just and fair.  This is especially the case during the New Moon in Libra of September 29th.

A Deepening of All of our Relationships

Mercury and Venus Ingress into Scorpio

Mercury enters Scoprio around October 2nd while Venus enters Scorpio on October 8th.  Relationships of all kinds now start to deepen and we start to get closer with people.  Boundaries start to drop away and we begin to see who the other person really is deep down inside, while at the same time, our own personas begin to fall away, revealing more of our true selves.  Will this help offset some of the interpersonal conflict or worsen it?  Well, that depends on your own emotional/spiritual maturity as well as the maturity of the people you are dealing with.

The bad news is that Venus is in detriment in Scorpio, so her love nature is hindered.  Plus the overall mood of having Mercury in Scorpio is one of increased paranoia, suspicion, skepticism and revenge.  This will not help the escalating conflict that is brewing during Libra season, especially on October 5th and 6th when Mercury will quinunx Chiron in Aries and oppose Uranus in Taurus.  This can trigger sudden and unexpected verbal disagreements and conflict fueled by feeling powerless, insecure and wanting to control others.

Meanwhile, on October 12th and 13th Venus will oppose Uranus, causing sudden changes in romantic relationships or surprise conflicts over money.

The good news is that Venus and Mars will be in mutual reception and may be helping each other out a bit.  And Mercury and Venus will sextile Saturn/Pluto in Capricorn while trining the North Lunar Node in Cancer, and Neptune in Scorpio.  Many of us will find it easy to fall into a pleasant intuitive flow during this time and use it to benefit and guide our lives.  This energy will also help fuel the push to create kinder, gentler relationships–ones that offer nurturing and protection while they honor feelings and emotions.

Learning Healthy Ways of Expressing Anger

Mars in Libra Opposite Chiron in Aries

Mars enters Libra on October 3rd and will be directly opposite a retrograde Chiron in Aries by October 9th, which makes conflict with others even more complicated throughout Libra season.  Mars will be in detriment where he is not a happy camper.  As a result, you might have difficulty taking the initiative, being assertive or expressing anger in healthy productive ways.   Some of you will feel like it is super hard to stand up for yourself Others might seesaw between simmering in seething silence and then suddenly bursting into a fit of inappropriate rage when you can no longer take it anymore.  Be prepared: if you decide to attack someone, they are not likely to take it lying down now; if you dish it out, be sure you can take what comes back.  This is also why it is crucial that we all try to find the middle ground now and try to work things out diplomatically rather than just give in to the urge to explode, vent or blame others.

pointing-4194937_1920 (1)

We might also become oversensitive to other people’s assertiveness or anger.  We are easily wounded now, and we can easily wound others, even without intending to.  (By the way, I just wrote an entire article on how we accidentally wound others, as exemplified by our natal Chiron placements.  To read that article now, click here).  This axis crosses with the transiting Lunar Nodes, reminding us to strive to be gentle and to be observant of other people’s feelings now (Cancer North Node), if only to protect yourself, too.

In World News

As the personal planets enter Scorpio throughout both Libra Season and Scorpio Season, they will be sextiling Saturn/Pluto and the Lunar South Node.  Unfortunately, this could actually assist corruption in places where power is held.  Politicians who are resisting the current cosmic push to evolve will fall even deeper into the toxic, power-hungry side of Saturn/Pluto, and will find it even easier to engage in predatory manipulations of people, money and resources.

However, at the same time, they will not likely be able to hide what they are doing.  Conspiracy theories will start to gain more prominence, and some of them are not just theories anymore.  Listen to what whistle blowers are trying to tell you now.  Some of them are seeing deeply into things going on behind the scenes in politics, finance, law, and anywhere power is held. 

Fairness and equality might become a theme in the nightly news once more.  Mars in Libra will make us all ill-tempered and hyper-aware of any imbalances of power in our personal social relationships and within the prevailing social structure.  Equal rights might dominate headlines again and discrimination based on sex/gender, sexual orientation, race and class might be in the spotlight more than usual. 

The push for equal rights is a movement being fueled particular by the Pluto in Libra generation who are currently at a breaking point.  With fascist politics around the globe doing it’s best to to stamp down anyone who is not white, upper class, male and CIS, the Pluto in Libra generation have reached a crucial phase in their evolution (the “crisis of action” first quarter square between transiting Pluto and their natal Plutos in Libra).  Their response to the current global events and the actions they take to support equal rights is vital in tipping the planet toward a better future–one that is more fair and equitable for all human beings (and species) on earth.  If you were born with Pluto in Libra, don’t back down now.  Stand up and fight for equality and fairness.  It’s one of the reasons why you incarnated onto the planet in the first place.  Find the courage to resist your social conditioning and say no to things that offend your inner sense of fairness.

Finding the Courage to Walk Your True Path:  Your Astrology Forecast for Libra Season, September 23-October 23, 2019 (Pacific).  Want to know the best way to handle your social, romantic and professional relationships during this Libra Season?  Click through to read the article now.

Love and Romance Key Dates

Venus-ruled Libra Season is the quintessential season of love and romance, and despite the challenges of the month, there will still be some lovely moments, too.  Here’s a few notable dates.  (Note: planetary aspects are given in Pacific time.  You might need to adjust for your time zone.)

September 25, 2019 — Venus in Libra squares Saturn in Capricorn and the Lunar Nodal Axis in Cancer/Capricorn

A key day where we might have to face a sticky situation in our relationships.  Something feels blocked.  Love might not be flowing well today and neither will romance.  In fact, you might be feeling somewhat insecure, rejected or alone.  Strive to keep your heart open now.  Be willing to ride out the discomfort and stay open and vulnerable instead of getting depressed or behaving in a cold manner.  Also, see: “Karmic Repercussions” above.

September 28th, 2019  New Moon in Libra in opposition to Chiron in Aries, quincunx Uranus, and applying to square Saturn, Pluto and Lunar nodes and sextile Jupiter in Sagittarius.  Venus in Libra sextile Jupiter in Sagittarius  

A mixed day.  On the one hand, you might feel low in energy and will have to deal with a problem in one of your relationships.  You or the people around you might seem moody or prone to fits of sudden irritation.  Nothing seems to flow easily; expect a few abrupt changes of plans.  However, there is also a lot of goodwill built into the day, so most conflicts can be solved with a little affection.  And if you put some extra effort into it, there is even an opportunity to expand your relationships in a fun way.  Try getting together with someone for a little shopping, traveling, eating out, going to a concert (or film or art gallery — anything Venusian) or just go outside and get into nature.  See also “Karmic repercussions” above.

September 30, 2019Venus in Libra square Pluto in Capricorn

This is the kind of day where the sex might be better than the actual relationship.  Passion might be high, while partnership issues are on the rocks.  Triggering topics might include fairness and equality in the relationship.  Emotions run high because a relationship might not feel secure.  Watch out for feelings of jealousy or abandonment.  Try not to get caught up in petty tit-for-tat stuff.  If you are single, you might find it easy to hook up with someone now, but for all the wrong reasons.  Maybe think twice before you follow your passions.

October 13th, 2019 — Venus in Scorpio in opposition to Uranus in Taurus, Sun in Libra sextile Jupiter in Sagittarius 

A mixed day.  There might be sudden arguments or conflict that erupt out of nowhere, especially about money.  A little bit of cooperation will go a long way now in mending conflict.  So step up and compromise now and try not to be stubborn.  Part of the problem might be that you or your partner might just need some breathing space or a little more freedom and independence today.  If you partner does something surprising or your plans have to suddenly change, try to go with the flow–in the end it might bring you both to a better place.

October 21st  Venus in Scorpio trine Neptune in Pisces

A dreamy, romantic day that is also very high in passion.  There is a possibility for high-quality romance and sex.  Physical desire is strong, yet love itself might feel positively transcendent, too.  Could be an interesting day if you practice tantric sex. Today’s energies will also help you to rise above any arguments or conflict that have been happening recently.  You might be in the mood for forgiveness because you are in tune with the bigger scheme of things. 

Finding the Courage to Walk Your True Path: Your Astrology Forecast for Libra Season, September 23-October 23, 2019 (Pacific). Want to know the best way to handle your social, romantic and professional relationships during this Libra Season? Click through to read the article now.

For the spiritually inclined, it is a beautiful day to raise personal love to a higher, unconditional love–one that is fueled by the Divine.  Let your love loose on the whole planet now, and practice service toward the Earth and all of its species.

Libra Season:  A Foreshadowing

Much of the conflict that is going on during Libra Season is actually a slow burn–a gradual escalation that will finally erupt in earnest during Scorpio Season when Mars in Libra squares the nodal axis and Saturn/Pluto in Capricorn.  So try to manage any disagreements or arguments now.  Don’t try to sweep them under the carpet, because they will only be forced to come out stronger during Scorpio season and things could turn kind of ugly then.  So the more effort you put into staying true to yourself yet still handling relationships fairly and diplomatically in Libra Season, the better your Scorpio Season will be.  See you next month for more news about that.  

Want to know how Libra Season will play out with your own natal chart?  You can contact Danielle for a personal chart consultation.  Or read more about Danielle’s sessions by clicking here.


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