Finding the Answers You Seek: Astrology Forecast for Scorpio Season–October 23 to November 22, 2019 Pacific

General Vibe

Welcome, everyone to Scorpio Season.  Yes, it’s that time of year again–the time that highlights the dark and mysterious side of life.  Scorpio is traditionally ruled by Mars, which belongs to the nocturnal sect, so you can think of Scorpio as the Season of The Night.  Gone are the bright rays of the Sun, replaced by the deceptively mild but still penetrating illumination of the Moon.  In plain daylight, everything seems straightforward, but during the night, shadows constantly shift and turn into something else.  Similarly, Scorpio season is a time when life seems a little more complicated, and perhaps even a little more threatening.  But remember that the Night only appears dangerous to those who normally don’t frequent it and to those who are not accustomed to the Moon’s terrain.  

"Finding the Answers You Seek:  Astrology Forecast for Scorpio Season--October 23 to November 22, 2019 Pacific."  Find out what's in store for you over the next few weeks and the Mercury Retrograde period!  Click through to read the article now.

During Scorpio season, we switch from operating in the solar realm–the realm of the rational, the logical and the self-evident, to the realm where things are more hidden and are sensed chiefly through emotion and intuition.  In order to navigate our way, we depend less on what we see with our eyes and instead use our feelings and our sixth sense.  The information we focus on in our surroundings is that which has emotional relevance to us, and we use that to guide our way.  Darkness holds danger but it also offers protection.  Dwelling silently in the safety of the shadows, we become quick to sense what is perilous and what is not.  Once accustomed to the night, we develop a sensitivity to undercurrents that most people are unaware of during the bright and exuberant activities that take place under a noon day sun.

In Scorpio season we also enter Pluto’s realm, the realm of forces beyond our control such as birth, death and rebirth.  In the Northern Hemisphere, it is the season to acknowledge nature’s retreat into decay, death, dwindling light and dormancy as we prepare for winter and wait to emerge once again into the light of spring.  Collectively we become more interested in the subject of death and the afterlife.  There’s a reason that now is when much of the world celebrates rituals that revolve around death, such as Halloween, the Day of the Dead or Samhain.   During this time we are naturally drawn to deepen our esoteric practices and rituals.  Or if we lack interest in spirituality, we might simply get drawn to watching more horror movies, zombie flicks or crime dramas as a way to answer the subconscious’ call to embrace the polarity of Life.

Because Scorpio relates to instinct and forces beyond our personal control, sex is also highlighted especially after Nov. 19th, 2019 when Mars enters its domicile of Scorpio.  Sex and sexuality might become more passionate or transcendent now, and maybe a bit more complicated, too.  In fact, all of our passions and desires for the good things in life might deepen as our hunger for fulfillment grows.  We might feel that something is missing from ourselves and the only way to get it is through another person or something that exists outside of ourselves.  We may feel a need to merge with others in order to obtain something that we feel we ourselves lack. 

Scorpio’s realm is also profoundly emotional and spiritual because it concerns psychology, the unconscious mind and transformation. Depending how Scorpio plays out in your own personal chart, this process can be wonderfully regenerative or highly destructive.  It is the time of year when we are given an opportunity to become more aware of what is lurking in our unconscious mind. We gravitate toward symbolism.  We dream more.  And often, we dream about bodies of water (emotions) and our fear of what’s in them (what is dwelling in our unconscious).  Or we dream about doors opening (the door of the unconscious) and a fear of what might come through.  Consider it an opportunity to do an annual “meet and greet” with the shadow parts of yourself.   Time to make friends with the parts of yourself that you are not exactly proud of–the parts that you prefer others not know about.  Or time to confront what scares you the most about your life.  Try to muster up the courage to just look and see what lies within, without judgement or self-blame.

Scorpio season is also the time to face some of the darker truths of life.  During the medieval period, Christians coined the Latin phrase Memento mori–remember that you will die”.  The phrase was used to draw attention away from materialistic concerns and onto what was considered more important and eternal:  one’s eventual death and ascension into heaven.  (Game of Thrones fans will recognize that George RR Martin had this Latin phrase in mind when he invented the fictional High Valyrian greeting, “Valor Morghulis”–“all men must die”.)  Although it is rather ominous sounding, Memento mori was not intended to horrify us so much as it was an invitation to ponder life, death and the afterlife.  A similar message is found in the vanitas genre of art whose theme depicts life and material wealth as brief, empty and vain due to its ephemeral nature while death is viewed as ultimate and eternal.  In our day and age, we might express this sentiment as, “You can’t take it with you when you die.”  Whether we like it or not, the energy of Scorpio Season pulls us into these themes, and asks us to face issues surrounding human mortality and the meaning of life and death.

"Finding the Answers You Seek:  Astrology Forecast for Scorpio Season--October 23 to November 22, 2019 Pacific."  Find out what's in store for you over the next few weeks and the Mercury Retrograde period!  Click through to read the article now.
Still Life with a Skull by Philippe de Champagne 1602-1674. Oil on panel. An example of the vanitas genre, whose focus was on juxtaposing the fleetingness of life with the eternal nature of death.

During the Season of the Night, superficial explanations are seen as naive or unsatisfactory–we want to delve deeper to the roots of WHY things are the way they are.  We become drawn into psychological analyses or spend our time trying to solve a mystery we have been puzzling over.

Depending upon who you are and what you have going on in your natal chart, you might be the type who revels in all these dark and mysterious night vibes.  Or, you might be the type who just gets depressed and wishes the season would hurry up and be over with as soon as possible.  Regardless, it does not hurt for all of us to become a little more still during this time of year, to retreat into the figurative shadows in order to meditate or ponder the deeper questions of life.  

Scorpio Season:  A Heads-up for the Pluto in Scorpio Generation

If you are a member of the Pluto in Scorpio generation (born 1983-1995), then Scorpio season is usually a profound time for you.  This year will be no different.  The Sun, Venus and Mercury will act as triggers when they cross over your natal Pluto, so keep an eye out for the days when that will happen.  And Mars enters Scorpio on November 19th so be especially cognizant of when he conjuncts your natal Pluto.  That might be an intensely emotional time for you, as it kicks off a new annual evolutionary cycle.  You might feel prompted by your soul to take action and go after something you deeply desire.  This action will be fate-filled because it will push you to spiritually evolve in a big way.  At the everyday level, this might feel like a compulsion that you cannot explain–a strange, obsessive feeling that you must take action to transform something in your life.  (Check to see where Scorpio’s house position falls in your chart for clues of what area of life is asking for this action and evolution).  Before taking action, analyze this compulsion mentally–if it seems relatively safe and healthy from a rational point of view, then carefully attempt to follow it.  But mind the aspects that Pluto makes in your natal chart–they will tell you how the process will feel or what the result of taking action will be, whether positive or challenging in nature.

Relationships:  The Straw that Broke the Camel’s Back…followed by Increasing Relief

Some leftover relationship issues that occurred during the previous Libra Season might still need cleaning up.  This will especially be the case around the New Moon, which takes place at 4 degrees Scorpio on October 27th, 2019.  During this time, Mars in Libra squares Saturn in Capricorn, perhaps dragging up old relationship problems you first encountered during Libra Season when the Sun, Mercury and Venus previously squared Saturn (around the days of September 22nd and 25th and Oct 7th).  

On the days leading up to the New Moon, you might be trying to address relationship issues by being indirect and avoiding conflict.  You might be trying your best to be fair, diplomatic, polite and friendly, but find that these tactics are not helping.  Anger and frustration will then probably mount due to feeling blocked or frustrated.  And with the Sun and the Moon opposing Uranus in fixed Taurus and in full phase quincunx to Chiron in Aries, the pressure is likely to build up long past its due date. 

Some of us might resort to passive aggressive expressions of displeasure in order to let off steam, such as being abrupt, borderline rude (“I was just joking!”) or sarcastic.  But most of us will likely curb our expression of anger and attempt to hold it in… until we suddenly and unexpectedly trip across the straw that broke the camel’s back.  This might result in an emotional explosion that seems out of proportion to its apparent trigger; one that causes undue damage to everyone involved. 

The best advice?  Don’t wait until you are ready to explode before you try to address a relationship issue.  And be direct in your communications.   Also, try to remember that you might need to make more of an effort to adjust to circumstances outside yourself now instead of trying to bend those circumstances (and other people) to your own will.

"Finding the Answers You Seek:  Astrology Forecast for Scorpio Season--October 23 to November 22, 2019 Pacific."  Find out what's in store for you over the next few weeks and the Mercury Retrograde period!  Click through to read the article now.

Whatever relationship problems that appear around October 26th and 27th that do not get resolved will get another chance at resolution when Mars squares Pluto on November 4th and 5th 2019.  This transit allows you to go deeper into the issue.  There is a tendency for everyone to become a tad dramatic and over-emotional, but the Moon will be in Aquarius during that time, trining Mars and helping us stay objective about the Big Picture.  So if you feel an argument escalating out of control during the first week of November, take a deep breath and do your best to grab on to your logical, rational and objective side, because it is waiting in the wings, trying to help you out of the emotional morass.

Some relief to our relationship problems might begin after Venus enters Sagittarius on Nov. 1, 2019 and applies to conjoin her dispositor Jupiter over the next few weeks.  Venus is slightly happier in this position, especially between Nov 1st and Nov 10th 2019, when she will be occupying Jupiter’s triplicity and terms and then again from Nov 11 to 14th when she will be in her own terms.  This might translate into a feeling of increased hope and optimism about relationships and finances that will gain in strength until it peaks at Venus’ conjunction with Jupiter on Nov 24th.  Because this will be a balsamic conjunction, you can expect a busy escalation of activity in all of your relationships and in all matters concerning finances and artistic activities during the first 2 weeks of November.  We might start to develop a breezier attitude about romance and finances; things that used to upset us might not be much of an issue anymore.  But try not to go overboard in your exuberance however, because Venus is due to square Chiron shortly after that and trine Uranus, suggesting a sudden set back might happen if you try to expand things too quickly.  Enjoy your increased optimism but try to stay grounded and practical.   Do you best to not overspend.

Mars will be in Libra until November 19th, when it switches into its domicile of Scorpio, where he is much happier to reside.  Finally we get a break from our endless preoccupation with fairness and equality in our relationships and things start to get a whole lot sexier.

Mercury Retrograde in Scorpio:  Finding the Answers and the Truth You Seek

Mercury stations to turn retrograde on October 31st, 2019 at 27 degrees ScorpioRetrograde motion continues until November 20th, 2019 when Mercury stations again at 11 degrees Scorpio in order to go direct.  

As with any Mercury Retrograde, it is time to slow down.  Finding some time to yourself in order to be still and silent is especially important with this retrograde.  Do not attempt to push forward with new or ambitious plans and projects–it will probably just result in frustration or exhaustion.  Instead, tune into the energy of the time and try to go with the flow, especially if you sense the need to retire inward, or simply to return to a previous project to finish it up or improve it.

It is a prime time to go back to an old issue that already occurred and look for deeper answers.  If you need to get to the bottom of something, this transit will help you find the answers you seek.  If you put a little effort into it, research endeavors will be highly fruitful in what they yield, especially when Mercury in Scorpio sextiles its modern dispositor Pluto in Capricorn on November 9th 2019, and again on December 2nd 2019. The days surrounding these dates could offer us some deep insights into what is actually going on.  The information you dig up could lead to a consequent healing, re-birth and re-newal.  Furthermore, insights gained during this process could lead to a total restructuring of how you consciously think about something.  Look for that restructuring around the times when Mercury sextiles Saturn on Nov 13th 2019 and again around November 29th 2019.  Focus on finding the information or answers for now but perhaps hold off from taking any action on them.  A good time to take action might be when Mars crosses the same spot between December 18th and December 22nd 2019.

"Finding the Answers You Seek:  Astrology Forecast for Scorpio Season--October 23 to November 22, 2019 Pacific."  Find out what's in store for you over the next few weeks and the Mercury Retrograde period!  Click through to read the article now.

Mercury retrograde is typically a time when we have to RE-do, RE-pair or RE-store things that break down or are on their last legs.  This is actually a pretty good retrograde to do just that–any repairs made will likely be very thorough and carefully done this time around.  Don’t be afraid to re-structure things now.

After November 20th, Mercury ceases its retrograde motion and starts to crawl forward again.  We will then be able to move forward in our lives once again but true momentum won’t be achieved until Mercury finally leaves its shadow zone on December 7th.  So between November 20th and December 7th, expect to rehash a few of the problems that developed previously in November in order to bring final resolution to them.

The World Scene

Scorpio season is an opportune time for whistle blowers.  The Scorpio energy is a master at digging up the truth and finding out what is really going on behind the scenes–no matter how ugly or horrible that truth might be.  And this season, any whistle-blowing activities will be assisted by Mercury Retrograde and given a new level of depth and profundity.

As I write this, the impeachment bus is revving its engine in the USA.  This Mercury Retrograde seems to be speaking about going back over something that already happened, in order to re-investigate and dig up the truth.  The result will be a different way of looking at something, and a possible restructuring of how the situation is framed in our conscious minds.

Now that Jupiter is passing out of its square with Neptune in Pisces, it might be easier for us to make our way out of our collective fog and grasp the truth.  Saturn’s sextile to Neptune on November 9th will assist this process, too, bringing some badly needed logic, rationality and reason to the scene.  While the spin doctors will still be trying to flood our media with nonsense in order to outrage us and divert us from what they are attempting to steal from us behind the scenes, during this Scorpio season, we are not as likely to fall for it.  And this Mercury Retrograde will help to uncover some shady goings on that were previously hidden.  Although we might still be feeling somewhat lost, collectively, Saturn will act a bit like a compass, helping us find a more solid path and a way out of our illusions.

However, this transit relies on sextiles, which are moderate in their effects so the result might not be monumental but the information that is produced could be something that can be built upon in the future.  Taking action on that information might happen when Mars crosses the same spot between December 18th and December 22nd 2019.

The Sun will Ingress into fiery Sagittarius on November 22, 2019

and will be joining Venus and Jupiter who are already there, so we will all burst back into the sunshine of life once again.  However, some of the shadow work will continue on due to Mercury and Mars still lagging behind back in Scorpio.  So whatever you dig up while doing your shadow work in Scorpio Season gets an opportunity to be worked on in a different way during Sagittarius Season.  Now that we finally understand (Mercury in Scorpio) the issue, we can now integrate it at a deeper level by taking action (Mars) on what we know.  By taking action on your insights, you consolidate that learning experience and ground it more deeply into your life and being.  Personally, I am looking forward to that. 

See you soon for the Sagittarius Season forecast.


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