Let the Adventure Begin: Sagittarius Season November 22–December 21st, 2019 (Pacific)

General Vibe

It’s Sagittarius Season!  Most people find this Solar cycle fun and energizing.  A fire season ruled by buoyant Jupiter, Sagittarius Season is typically a time when we feel more optimistic and adventurous than usual.  We develop a more breezy or happy-go-lucky attitude toward life.  We gravitate toward things that are fun, thrilling or exciting.  Many of us will get the urge to do something off the beaten path and will decide to travel.  Nature and the wilderness beckon us now: it’s a great time to get outdoors, go on an adventure and explore.  Sagittarius energy is associated with places that have a great view, so try to get up to the mountains, out to the ocean or anywhere that lets your eye travel as far as it can see. 

Sag season typically feels like the sky’s the limit and the world is our oyster.  We strive to make life more fun, fulfilling and exhilarating.  Armed with a more positive attitude than usual, we see fewer obstacles and believe that happiness is within our reach.  So you might surprise yourself with what you can achieve now.  You might take more risks than usual, too, and even if things flop, you probably won’t mind too much because you will be off chasing the next adventure.   This will especially be the case, if you are a member of the Pluto in Sagittarius generation, born between 1995 and 2008.

Note that just because the energy of Sagittarius season is more carefree than usual does not mean it is a shallow or flippant energy cycle–it can be as deep and philosophical as you want, especially this year with Mars occupying the deep and brooding energy of Scorpio.  If you love studying and pondering things, this is a great time for you.  And if you love religious or spiritual pursuits, this energy supports that, too.  

Sagittarius Season and the Holiday Season

There is a reason that the holiday season happens when the Sun travels through Sagittarius.  For one thing, Jupiter is associated with religious and spiritual affairs.  And for another, Jupiter is associated with abundance, growth and excess.  In today’s consumerist culture, that means shopping till you drop, eating till your stomach groans, and drinking yourself into a stupor.  All the blinding glitter of holiday decorations and all the crazy overblown expectations of the season are capitalist society’s way of doing Jupiter.  There is a season for everything, and in the West, Sagittarius season is one of excess.

However, this year the holiday season might be a little less extreme and a lot more subdued in nature.  Also, there will be plenty of opportunities to make the season meaningful or profound instead of just a capitalist explosion in sales.  This is because Venus and Jupiter will exit Sagittarius early (on November 24th and December 2nd respectively) and head into thrifty and practical Capricorn.  There they will join Saturn, Pluto and the South Node of the Moon.  Jupiter will now be ruled by Saturn, who is in his own domicile.  This is a party pooper energy and will tightly curb the Jupiter penchant for more, more, MORE. 

On the plus side, it might help us curb our spending and help us buy gifts that are more practical in nature, such as ones that will last a long time, or are necessary instead of frivolousMight be a great Christmas to practice some low-waste or zero-waste gift giving.  Another perfect way to use the current cosmic energy is to go on a Volunteer Vacation where you can travel to help a community in need.  Work (Saturn) plus travel (Sagittarius) and the North Lunar Node in Cancer (nurturing) is the perfect fuel for a Volunteer Vacation.

The heavy Capricorn influence will also place a stronger emphasis on tradition, but not just any tradition.  With the south nodes of the Moon, Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto all in Capricorn, the cosmos is asking us to release tradition that no longer serves our highest and greatest good.  Traditions that are patriarchal, exclusionary, or harmful for other people, other species or the environment need to be re-thought and re-vised into healthier forms that support all life on Earth.  If you are the type of person who longs to engage in more healthier and more meaningful holiday rituals, this is your year to make that happen.  Don’t just wish for it.  Do it.  

Supporting this is Mercury and Mars who are lagging behind in Scorpio.  Mars in Scorpio is seeking meaning in all the holiday glitz and looking for ways that we can bring our deepest selves to the holiday experience, instead of engaging in mindless rituals because that is what we have always done year after year.  This year, we will want to partake in things that make sense to us at the soul level.  might mean we forego a lot of what we normally do in favor of holiday/religious activities that are more aligned with our true being and current path in life. 

Sag Season is also holiday season! This year, we get a chance to make the season more deep and personally meaningful than ever before. To find out more, check out my latest forecast: "Let the Adventure Begin:  Sagittarius Season November 22--December 21st, 2019 (Pacific)."  Click through to read the article now!

With three pairs of nodes pointing toward Cancer, the only traditions that will feel positive are ones that are physically and emotionally nurturing.  We are all looking to create a true feeling of “family”– in whatever way we define family.  This means we will spend more time seeking out a tribe (North Node in Cancer) who stands for things that are nourishing, even if that tribe isn’t made up of blood relatives.

A Word About the Elements and Modes of this Sagittarius Season

So with Venus, Jupiter, Saturn, Pluto and the Lunar South Node in Capricorn, and with Uranus in Taurus, this Sagittarius Season is exceedingly heavy in Earth energy.    Earth energy is all about material life–money, resources, possessions, and the work that we do to acquire them.  It is about experiencing life through our 5 senses (rather than with our mind or spirit) so it is a great time for everyone to get physical.  Do some holiday baking, or try making a home-made gift.  More ambitious types might be interested in a DIY renovation or tackling some other project that will up the value of your property.  Others might spend long hours at the office or put in overtime to earn extra money simply because they are motivated to get ahead and outshine the competition.  People whose natal placements are heavy in Earth Signs (Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn) will probably feel very comfortable with all this Earth energy. 

If you have an abundance of Fire energy in your chart (Aries, Leo and Sagittarius) you typically love Sagittarius Season and usually head out for some outdoor adventures, particularly skiing, hiking or travelling.  However, you might feel you have to curb these activities somewhat this year.  You might find it hard to get away from work or you might have to tend to other practical or productive duties. 

With Mars in Scorpio and Neptune in Pisces, there is enough Water energy to keep water sign people happy (Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces).  But alas, there is no Air energy during this season until December 21st when Venus enters Aquarius.  So if you have a chart that is full of Air energy (Gemini, Libra, Aquarius), you might feel out of your element this month and will have to acquire your energy from the transiting Fire Planets.  Intellectual activities and mental activities like reading and writing, usual your forte, might suffer a bit now.  Either you are just not as sharp as you usually are, or you are just not as interested in doing these activities right now.  Hanging out with some friends who are fire signs can help–they will get your energy flowing again and perhaps provide you with some badly needed inspiration.

And if you have a lot of Cardinal Planets in your natal chart (Aries, Cancer, Libra or Capricorn), you will likely just have to grit your teeth for the next couple of months in order to get through the stress coming from the Capricorn planets.  Remember to breathe, try to slow down (because everything might seem more difficult or slower to accomplish anyway), and schedule lots of R&R and time to de-stress.  A negative attitude might have seeped in without you even knowing it so try to be mindful of your thoughts now.  For more info about transiting Saturn/Pluto’s effect on cardinal planets, you can read my previous article.

Some Sagittarius Season Highlights

November 23rd-24th, 2019:  A potentially volatile couple of days.

Mars in its domicile Scorpio (3 degrees) and its own triplicity, terms and face will be conjunct Moon in detriment and opposing a retrograde Uranus in fixed signs.  Moon/Mars quincunx retrograde Chiron in Aries.  Venus conjunct Jupiter in Sagittarius.

An energy that has been building up over time will finally be released in a sudden, unexpected and potentially explosive way.  Typical expressions of this transit are sudden violent or explosive actions, accidents, and problems with electricity.  There could be sudden geographic events or an unexpected outbreak of hostility or aggressive measures, especially ones involving weapons.  Or we might see more than usual impulsive and poorly thought out power plays or war mongering by world leaders.

In your everyday life, you might be feeling a bit more irritated or combative than usual and might suddenly take some forceful actions.  Anger, jealousy or suspicion that has been building up might suddenly burst out when you least expect it.  Even if you manage to keep your cool, remember that everyone around you is more prone to “go off” without notice now.  With Mars in quincunx with Chiron in Aries, the results could lead to physical harm, so proceed with caution.  Avoid the temptation to go for revenge.  This transit peaks on the 23rd and 24th (depending on your time zone).  But the days leading up to it will also be potentially volatile, too.  The only good thing that might come from this transit (other than a release of rage) is a sudden and totally unexpected passionate encounter.  Yup.  Sudden sexual encounters of a deep and passionate nature.  So go nuts.  

November 26th, 2019: New Moon at 4 degrees Sagittarius: Hope for a Brighter Future

Moon ruled by Jupiter in its own domicile, Sun and Moon in quincunx to Uranus and trine to Chiron.  Venus in Capricorn square Chiron in Aries.  Mercury in Scorpio trine Neptune in Pisces. 

New Moons are the opportune time to consciously set intentions about what we want to create and manifest in our life.  It’s like an optimal time for planting a seed so that it will grow into a healthy strong plant.  This process is done using your focus and conscious attention so take some time now to consider what you wish to build.

It is a good New Moon to strive to bring more fun and fulfillment into your life.  Irritations due to circumstances beyond your control will throw stark relief on your personal dreams and ideals, because there is such a big difference between your ideal situation and reality right now.  But you can use your highest dreams as guidelines for what you want to change now.  You might feel a slight wave of optimism now and a hope for a brighter future.  The only downside is that this is not the best time for love relationships or finances.  But there is an opportunity to heal a long-standing emotional situation.  The result might be an improvement in how you feel about yourself and a boost in your reputation.  Strive for optimism now–a little will go a long way as a healing balm.

November 28th, 2019: Thanksgiving Day in the USA

I live in Canada and we already celebrated Thanksgiving back in October.  But the chart of American Thanksgiving recently caught my eye.  Not only do we have this enormous “Capricorn party” going on with Venus, Jupiter, Pluto and numerous South Nodes in Capricorn, but on November 28th, the Moon joins them all, too.

Sag Season is also holiday season! This year, we get a chance to make the season more deep and personally meaningful than ever before. To find out more, check out my latest forecast: "Let the Adventure Begin: Sagittarius Season November 22--December 21st, 2019 (Pacific)." Click through to read the article now!
US Thanksgiving Day, Nov. 28, 2019. 7:05 am (Pacific) BC Canada

With the Moon in detriment and with both the Moon and Venus squaring Chiron, the start of Thanksgiving day does not look like a barrel of laughs.  It looks more like an emotional challenge on the domestic front.  The thought of spending the day with family might bring more trepidation than joyous anticipation.  Mercury is trining Neptune too, making us wish for a more perfect situation, and also making us more likely to reach for booze or weed to help us mentally get through the day.  However, Mercury might also help us be more accepting and compassionate toward the people around us.

Later on, as the Moon crosses over Venus and trines Uranus, the day improves, perhaps due to some sudden or unexpected events.  A bit of excitement flares in the day–a welcome change of pace that makes things feel more invigorating.  Perhaps a new person arrives on the scene, bringing a breath of fresh air to a lagging party.  Or we come across something that is unusual but pleasing.  But later the Moon crosses the South Lunar Node and applies to Saturn, and most of us will feel our energy and enthusiasm drooping.   Perhaps this simply reflects the fact that by this time, most families will have consumed a huge dinner and are sitting around in a food coma and are ready for sleep.)

Because Mercury and Mars in Scorpio sextile Saturn and Pluto, there can be constructive energy in the day if you make an effort.  If you are nervous because you have to spend the day with family members that make you feel uncomfortable or out of place, instead of sitting around and talking, plan ahead and organize a “fun work project” for the day.  Get some family members together and go wash your parent’s car or shovel snow if the weather is bad.  Tidy and de-junk a corner in the attic.  Or immerse yourself in the kitchen and help with all the cooking and cleaning.  Staying busy with work tasks will help everyone stay out of trouble that day and could feel highly rewarding due to all the Capricorn energy.

Black Friday:  Low Rates of Shopper Turn Out?

The day after Thanksgiving in the USA, the Moon conjuncts Saturn and Pluto. This might put the brakes on holiday spending and much of the Black Friday excess.  People are likely to be in a more frugal mood compared to other years and might be way more careful with their money, instead of blowing their budgets.  With the Moon in Capricorn in sextile to Mercury in Scorpio, those that are willing to shop might spend more strategically or will be willing to travel a fair bit to get what they truly want.  There might be a lot of anti-shopping rhetoric, too around this time and more interest in zero-waste gift giving.

Note that the chart for Thanksgiving foreshadows the chart of December 25th/26th when there will be a New Moon Solar Eclipse in the sign of Capricorn.  So if you want to know what Christmas will be like, it will have a similar flavor to US  Thanksgiving.  More on that in the next forecast for Capricorn Season.

December 2, 2019 – Jupiter enters Capricorn:  Getting Grounded

I recently posted on Twitter that Jupiter leaving Sagittarius and moving into its fall in Capricorn (ruled by Saturn already in Capricorn) is like a charming boisterous undisciplined teenager suddenly getting grounded by his dad.  Like for a year.  Gone are the heady, buoyant days of Jupiter in its domicile.  Now the Capricorn energy builds to its utmost.  Jupiter joins Venus, Saturn, Pluto, and the South Nodes of the Moon, Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto already in the sign of Capricorn.  This is one of the final stages before the great Saturn/Pluto conjunction of January 12th 2020.

Our attitudes will become more serious, sober and practical, with an eye for the long-term plan.  Some of us might feel insecure and will look to tradition and authority figures for a sense of safety, but there won’t be any security there because the old ways are meant to crumble now and form into something better.  There might also be an increase in poverty consciousness and a negative focus on what we lack rather than on what we have.  As the weeks go on and January rolls around, there might be a sense of “The Party is Really Over Now” and that humanity must face the sober reality of its situation on planet Earth.  

Possible Political Ramifications

Saturn in Capricorn can be seen as a symbol for a conservative politician who relies on tradition and who is literally “their own ruler” and answers to none.  But now he is joined by Jupiter in fall, which might signal a “fall” for certain politicians, especially as Jupiter approaches the South Node of the Moon and then later Saturn and Pluto.  When planets conjunct nodes, karma is released, so some chickens might come home to roost on the political scene during the next 12 months that Jupiter travels through Capricorn (and especially around January 6th 2020 when Jupiter conjuncts the lunar south node). But let us not forget that Saturn still rules Jupiter in Capricorn, so the fall might not be as damaging as some might hope for.

In the USA, Jupiter in fall could represent a political candidate who falls from grace.  This person may not be the president himself, but perhaps a previous powerhouse behind the scenes who now undergoes a fall in reputation and status.  This person’s disgrace will be a process that slowly begins in December and it will unfold throughout 2020.  This person’s own scandal will eventually taint the president himself by association, a process that will get stronger the closer Jupiter moves toward Saturn.

December 7th, 2019:  Mercury leaves the Shadow Zone

Finally, we are feeling free and clear of all the Mercury Retrograde muck-ups and the communication issues that developed in November.  Now you can freely move forward again with all your plans, goals and ambitions.  Proceed!  

December 9th, 2019:   Jupiter square Chiron plus Mercury enters Sagittarius:  Curbing Excess in order to Play it Safe

Jupiter longs to expand and grow but in the sign of its fall, Capricorn, growth is stunted and frustrated.  Similarly, the rest of the planets in Capricorn urge us to pull back, curb growth, consolidate, be patient and not take risks, financially or otherwise.  We might feel the need to conform to society and bend to peer pressure so that we don’t lose face or look “silly”.  I would urge you not to conform too much.  Stay true to yourself and your principles.  During this time, we might rethink some of our previous actions or purchases that were made on impulse, because now we have to cut back.  With Mercury entering Sagittarius at the same time, we might still feel some hope and optimism but it will be brief and rather lukewarm compared to previous months.

December 11, 2019:   Full Moon at 19 degrees Gemini:  “Caution”

This Full Moon is full of discordant energy.  For one thing, it is conjunct the unlucky fixed star Bellatrix, whose nature is of Mars and Mercury.   This star is associated with military honor, but also sudden dishonor and accidents.  It also highlights abrasive speech and with the Moon’s ruler Mercury in quincunx with Uranus, we can expect some sudden or unexpected communications that are highly irritating.  Incoming messages might bring unwelcome news that requires us to quickly adjust to new circumstances.  Venus is also conjunct Saturn in Capricorn, indicating difficulty with finances and relationship issues.  People are in a cautious mood and will pull back, withdraw or play it safe.  Both our hearts and our wallets are not exactly open now.  With Mars trining Neptune, it might be a great day to just get away from it all.  Go for a long walk to collect your thoughts and emotions.  Or use that Neptune inspired energy to do something nice for someone else, without expectation of any reward or acknowledgement. 

Sag Season is also holiday season! This year, we get a chance to make the season more deep and personally meaningful than ever before. To find out more, check out my latest forecast: "Let the Adventure Begin: Sagittarius Season November 22--December 21st, 2019 (Pacific)." Click through to read the article now!

December 19/20 2019    Venus enters Aquarius: Restless for Progress

A slight shift in energy happens when Venus enters Aquarius.  Here she will experience some dignity by face and later by term for the first few days she is in the new sign.  We will experience a slight flare in our collective longing for a change from the seeming death grip that the Capricorn energy has on us right now.  We are all restless for some kind of progressive change and a sense of freedom.  Alas, that freedom is not yet here but it is looming on the horizon (hello, Pluto in Aquarius).  We will collectively begin to work  for liberation and progress when Saturn enters Aquarius in March of 2020, a process that will prepare the way for the sweeping changes that will occur when Pluto moves into Aquarius in 2023.

See you next month for the Capricorn Season forecast.  If you would like to book a personal consultation with Danielle, click here.  Or, to find out more information about personal readings, you can click here.


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