Astrology Forecast for Pisces Season February 19, 2020–March 20, 2020 (Pacific)

Featured Image:  Honoré Daumier, Nayades de la Seine (Sea Nymphs of the Seine), 1847, Print.

Welcome to watery, slippery, nebulous Pisces Season.  Depending on how much water element you have in your own personal chart, you tend to either love Pisces season or hate it.  Those who love it do so because they finally feel in their creative, emotional and spiritual element; those who hate it usually do so because it makes them feel more tired, emotional and washes away their mental focus. 

So, love it or hate it, what does Pisces season typically highlight?   Here are some keywords for you:

Positive side of Pisces: emotions, feelings, loving-kindness, inclusiveness, empathy, compassion, imagination, day dreams, night dreams, sleep, meditation, retreat, reflection, yin energy, intuition, psychic ability, altered states, spirituality, idealism,  inspiration, creativity, music, poetry, imagery, film, theater, music, water, belief systems, faith, visualization, surrender to a Higher power, humanitarianism. 

Dark side of Pisces:  booze and drugs, escaping into addictions, escapism in general (too much TV or video games or binge eating or sleeping etc.)  lack of boundaries, floods, oil spills, lies and deception, gullibility, self-delusion, blind faith, impracticality, being ungrounded, spaced out, lacking reason or logic, mental illness, dissolving, disintegration, disillusionment.

In Evolutionary astrology, Neptune as the modern ruler of Pisces relates to collective consciousness.   Pisces = the ocean (consciousness).  It gives rise to Scorpio = the wave (the soul).  And Scorpio gives rise to Cancer = the point of the wave (the individual ego or self.)  So the collective consciousness of humanity is important during Pisces Season, as we tune in more to the collective feeling happening in the world, for better or worse.  

Petrus Johannes Schotel, Ships in a Stormy Sea, c.1840.  Drawing.

This particular Pisces season is especially strong because it starts right off the bat with Jupiter sextiling Neptune, modern ruler of Pisces on February 20, 2020.  And if that wasn’t enough to amp up the “Pisces-ness” of the whole season, a retrograde Mercury in Pisces is still operating from last month.  That is a whole lot of water energy to handle. 

Usually in Pisces season, the biggest challenge is to stay grounded, practical and focused.  We tend to abandon reason, logic and linear thinking in favor of intuition and feeling.  We get lost in day dreams, or yearn for idealized utopias but would rather escape into fantasies than take practical action to make those dreams real.  However, this year, Pisces season gets a whole lot of practical help from a ton of planets in grounded, earthy Capricorn.  As a result, we get the opportunity to dream big but to also harness those dreams to reality.  Which means we can make stuff happen in the real world rather than just dream about it.

Planetary Phases between Capricorn and Pisces

The Sun and Mercury in Pisces will be in Crescent Phase sextile to Mars, Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn.  As such, the Sun and Mercury will be assisting us as we struggle to understand who we actually are and what our unique goals are.  Decisions made now are very important because they could impact the next 12 months.  And it is super important to individualize now and not follow the crowd as you choose what type of goals and ambitions to follow.

Planetary Phases with Keywords (2)_LI
Figure 1. Planetary Phases and their Keywords

Meanwhile, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn are making a Last Quarter sextile with Neptune, helping us to question all of our prior beliefs and to break away from the status quo in order to be more true to our own inner calling.  The result will be that the Capricorn energy will help us to take our highest ideals, dreams and yearnings and think of a way to make them real.  Capricorn is about taking concrete action in the material world while Pisces fuels our dreams.  Together, if used properly, they can help us make a brilliant, realistic, totally do-able plan to realize our ideal goals and ambitions. 

But be sure to just stick to mostly planning while Mercury is retrograde.  You will probably find it easier to start to take action on your plan after Mercury goes direct on March 9th.

A Word About Time 

Pisces enjoys losing time.  Typically, the holistic energy of Pisces disregards time, seeing it simply as an earth-based boundary, and Pisces’ job is to dissolve boundaries.  So during Pisces season, we may lose track of time altogether while we daydream away the hours, get lost in binge-watching Netflix or lose time while smoking weed.  But all the planets in Capricorn will not allow us to get away with that this season.  Capricorn demands that we pay attention to the here and now, to our material life, and to all of our boundaries.  And that means paying careful attention to TIME and structuring our activities accordingly.  Capricorn is also helping us keep an eye on our long-term plans, too and the milestones that must be reached in order to fulfill a goal.  

Some Pisces Season Highlights

Feb 21 and 22, 2020  Mars in Capricorn trine Uranus in Taurus and square Chiron in Aries.  Sun in Pisces sextile Uranus in Taurus.

If you are feeling weak or feeling like you are “not good enough” it could cause you to make abrupt changes in an area of life or pursue a rash course of action.  But your actions are being motivated by the most broken or wounded part of yourself now.  Definitely not a good time to act in a blind manner, unaware of your own inner pain.  But it might be good to take action now to change an old established pattern or habit that has been causing you grief.  Making changes to your traditional way of doing things can help improve the situation and bring you closer to your goals.

 Feb 23, 2020 New Moon at 4 degrees Pisces 29.  Venus in Aries square Jupiter in Capricorn 

Stay open to any ideas you receive now about how to make your dreams real.  But be aware there are issues developing re:  finances, romance and artistic pursuits.  You might be tempted to go overboard now to strike out in a new direction or take action to grab what you want.  Try to steady your pace or actions because there are hurdles ahead.  The more you push now, the harder you might slam into a wall around March 3, 2020.  Taking action is good and necessary, just watch that you don’t over do it now.

Feb 25 and 26th, 2020 Sun in Pisces sextiles Mars in Capricorn.  Mars conjoins South Node, Sun trines North Node on Feb 25th.  Mercury sextiles Mars, Sun conjoins Mercury Feb 26th

While day dreaming, you might formulate a plan on how to take action on realizing an ideal goal.  But it might become apparent that to action on the plan, you might have to give up an old habit or pattern of behavior that is holding you back.  Clue:  it has to do with peer pressure or living up to the status quo.  Try to focus on what you need and want as an individual now, and not worry about how the rest of society will judge you.  Quiet conversations with people you trust can help you get clear on what to do, as well as contribute to useful some research you can do behind the scenes.

Feb 28, 2020  Venus in Aries creates a first quarter square with Pluto in Capricorn

Intense issues regarding romance, finances or artistic pursuits could develop, prompting you to have to take action in order to assert your will.  You might feel pressured or pushed to take off in a new direction.  But when Venus squares Saturn on March 3rd, you learn that going forward or taking new action might not be as easy as you thought.  Circumstances seem to press against you, causing you to either have to work harder to achieve your goal, or else alter it to pursue another direction.

March 4, 2020  Retrograde Mercury enters Aquarius, sextiles Venus in Aries

Much needed mental clarity might return for the next 12 days.  The fog lifts, our emotions simmer down and mental reason and logic sharpen our wits again.  Enjoy this brief window while it lasts because Mercury enters Pisces once again on March 16th and confusion and a general sense of malaise could return for a few weeks.  Today you might get mentally clear especially on matters having to do with finances, love/romance and artistic pursuits.

March 5, 2020 Venus enters Taurus

Venus is now in her dignity for the next 29 days, lending strength and positive energy to matters involving finances, romance and artistic endeavors.  Venus is especially strong until March 12th due to gaining dignity by Term.  Yum.

March 8th, 2020  Sun conjoins Neptune, Moon squares Venus in Taurus who is conjoining Uranus

You might get brilliant ideas on how to take the concrete steps needed to make your daydreams real.  Your dreams are not just wishful thinking now–there is a way to bring them into reality.  Do you homework now.  If you lack info on the logistics involved, contact people who can supply you with practical answers.  You might get a bit of a surprise change in love/romance or financial matters.  It is necessary and will likely be for the better,  Stay open to making changes now.

March 9 2020 Full Moon 19 Virgo 37

Can’t repeat enough how fantastic this month is for linking together our dream ambitions and practical action to make those ambitions come true.  And this Full Moon emphasizes this trend yet again.  If you have been working on a plan to bring your dreams comes true, you might achieve a milestone now in your plan.  But you might also realize that there is still lots more work to be done.  That’s fine.  The cosmos will support your plans if you work hard enough this year.

March 10, 2020 Mercury Direct

Go Go Go for it now!  All that dreaming comes to a close and you can finally start taking the first tentative, concrete steps forward in making your goal materialize in the real world.  But remember that Mercury will still be in the shadow zone until March 29th.  So that means you might still have to clean up a few issues that developed during the retrograde period before you can take off full speed ahead.

March 11, 2020  Sun sextiles Jupiter

If you still have to hammer out some details about what you really want and which goal to pursue, now is the day to do it.  You might also get a little extra boost of courage, confidence and optimism that allows you to take a practical step forward toward your goal, too.

March 16th Mercury enters Pisces

Good-bye mental clarity and intellectual thought.  It’s back to the primordial waters we go.  Our intuition, feelings and emotions will guide our thoughts now until April 11th.  Strive to remain practical and grounded.  By all means, use your intuition to your advantage but do not abandon reason and logic now.

Honoré Daumier, Rèapparition des tritons … de l’océan.  19th century. Print

March 19, 2020 Sun sextiles Saturn

Just when we thought we would drown in the emotional Pisces waters once again, along comes Saturn in dignity to the rescue to yank us back to dry land once more.  Saturn provides structure and boundaries and demands the use of reason, logic and productive use of time.  A beautiful way to finish up what might have been a highly constructive Pisces Season.

Headsup — on  March 20, 2020  Mars conjoins Jupiter in Capricorn at the opening of Aries Season.  I wrote an article that talks about the importance of Mars’ movements in March and April and how it kicks of the start of a shift toward global liberalism by supporting the upcoming transition to Aquarius by Saturn in Pluto.  You can read the article by clicking here.

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  1. Hi Danielle,

    Thanks for another great article.

    Re: Pisces Season Highlights, as Mars crosses 4 degrees Capricorn 7, is it possible Mars may trigger the Solar Eclipse energy that occurred 25 / 26 December 2019 (in my 4th house).

    If yes, the transit of Mars will be sextile my natal Sun 4 degrees Pisces 6 (6th house) and my Sun will also sextile transiting Uranus (8th house). All happening around my Solar Return 22nd February and the New Moon 4 degrees Pisces on 23rd February. Transiting Jupiter is also on my IC and heading towards a square with natal Uranus 22 Libra 44 (1st).

    What do you think all this means?



  2. Sure, that Mars could act as a trigger of the previous Solar Eclipse energy, but only if 4 degrees Cap is a significant point in your natal chart to begin with ie. 4 degrees Cap is conjunct or opposite a natal (or progressed) planet or angle in your chart, using a super tight orb of 1 or 2 degrees. Otherwise, the eclipse echo might not be very noteworthy. I hope you have a happy solar return!

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