Taurus Season Highlights: General Astrology Forecast for April 20th–May 20th 2020 (Pacific)

General Vibes 

Welcome to Taurus season, the annual Earth-sign extravaganza.  I hope you are able to take the opportunity to re-connect to the Earth during the next few weeks and spend some time outside communing with Gaia, in whatever form She takes near you. 

The Earth sign Taurus is ruled by beauty-loving Venus, so be sure to tune into the beauty that surrounds you now and appreciate the emotional and physical impact of color, light and form, whether it was made by nature (plants, animals, sunshine, mountains, water) or by humans (art, music, dance, poetry/literature, etc). 

In general, Taurus energy loves to cook, eat, build, garden, sing, make music, snuggle and have sex.  It’s all about the physical body and the 5 senses.  The creature comforts of life are important now.  So is material and financial security–Taurus season makes us focus much more on our finances and possessions than we usually do and asks us to strive to create a state of permanence for the things we value.  It is a time of building strong foundations that stand the test of time.  Is there something in your life that you want to make more permanent?  This might be a good month to start working on that.  It can be as simple as planting perennials in your garden instead of annuals.  Or it could be something more complicated like committing to a big renovation of your home or solidifying an important relationship.

Taurus Season Pandemic Outlook 

As more planets enter the sign of restless, active Gemini over the next few weeks, the desire to leave our homes in order to work, socialize and travel will become overwhelming, causing many countries to loosen restrictions pertaining to social distancing.  Venus is in Gemini already–she entered there back on April 3rd, which made us lose some of our fear of the pandemic because we all began itching for the freedom to roam.  That Venus ingress helped trigger the quarantine-protesters to come out in droves in April. 

This restless need to get out and join the world again will increase even more after May 4th when the North Lunar Node enters Gemini.  Quarantine restrictions will become increasingly difficult to enforce.  The North Node’s energy is felt as an unconscious pull–a siren’s call that lures us in a certain direction.  It makes us want to gravitate toward a specific direction in life, where we feel the need to apply ourselves and our energy.  This unconscious pull will abruptly shift from pointing in the direction of Cancer (home) to Gemini (out in the neighborhood with other people).  The North Node is exalted in the sign of Gemini, perhaps making its impact even stronger than in other signs.  But the dilemma is, how do we answer this call during a pandemic?  If we move out in the world too soon, too fast, it could prove disastrous.  The Lunar Nodes take about 18 months to travel through one sign so the irresistible need to mix and mingle is not going away anytime soon.

Mercury rules Gemini and for better or worse, Mercury’s job is literally to cross boundaries and transport things across divides.  So as the Gemini energy increases during May and June, we will see a matching increase in the circulation of people, goods, services and, quite possibly, Covid-19.

Expect this increased circulation to swell yet again after May 11th when Mercury enters his own sign of Gemini, and becomes quite strong in action.  Mercury’s ingress is immediately preceded by a first quarter square to Mars as they both get ready to leave fixed signs.  This signifies Mercury is eager to bust through the gate, has been waiting a long time to do so, and will now stubbornly and aggressively take action in order to be able to move about, even if it is kind of a bad idea.  If you are a chief medical officer trying to slow down the spread of Covid-19, these kind of planetary transits are the last thing you want to see.  Ditto with the transits coming in June during Gemini Season, when the urge to travel and interact with other people grows even stronger.

However, while some planets are saying:  YEAH, let’s get moving, other planets are still saying: NOPE, not time yet.  Venus stations and turns retrograde in Gemini around May 12th, the same day Mars enters Pisces.  While Venus in Gemini wants to travel, socialize and roam at will, she can only roam backwards right now.  Months ago, pre-Covid 19, when I was looking at the transits for 2020 and saw Venus going retrograde, my thoughts were, “Rats.  What a drag.”  But now, in the middle of a pandemic, my tune has changed to:  “Thank-God,” because it will slow down what could have been a tsunami of travel and personal socializing during a time when precaution is still very much needed.

Malefic Mars in Pisces also makes me nervous, because he will now be applying to conjoin Neptune (disease, contagion, weakening of the immune system) and forms a square to the Sun and Venus in Gemini (travel, social interaction).  Is this the start of a smaller, second wave of contagion?  Those of us who are fearful of contracting Covid-19 would probably be wise to take extra precautions near the end of May until the last week of June.  Note that a particularly “contagious time” might be the days surrounding June 13th when Mars makes the partile conjunction with Neptune in Pisces. 

Note also that the period between May 21st and mid-June will be rife with confusion concerning information about Covid-19.   The Sun and Venus in Gemini (facts and details) will take turns squaring Mars and Neptune in Pisces (confusion, delusion, illusion, falsehoods).  Reliable statistics will elude us for a while.  

Besides Venus, other planets are turning retrograde this month as well, indicating that the cosmos does not really want us charging ahead full tilt into “business as usual” again.  On May 10th, Saturn turns retrograde.  He has reached as far as he can go into Aquarius for now, and will turn around, heading back into Capricorn by July 1, 2020.  Check out where transiting Saturn falls in your natal chart and pay attention to the themes in your life that have been taking place since March 22, 2020 because they will repeat once again when Saturn re-enters Aquarius at the end of the year on December 17th, 2020.  Saturn pertains to limitations, restrictions, hard work, effort, self discipline and social conditioning.  Aquarius pertains to a futuristic perspective, liberal or progressive values, socialism, humanitarianism, a global perspective, friendships and groups.

The other planet that will be going retrograde during Taurus Season is Jupiter which stations and turns retrograde on May 14th.  Jupiter heads back to catch up with retrograde Pluto, where the two will conjoin later (on June 19th) for the second of three hits.  (The first hit was on April 4th 2020 and third will take place on November 12th, 2020). 

I don’t see much good coming out of the Jupiter/Pluto conjunctionsWith Jupiter in the sign of its fall and at 24 degrees Capricorn, (close to the original Saturn/Pluto conjunction of January) it will likely amplify the current destructive and tyrannical practices currently taking place in governments all over the globe.  You know the drill by now:  abuse of power, an inflation of destructive material practices, toxic value systems, fascist tendencies, patriarchal oppression, and a whole lot of greedy, misled opportunists who come out of the woodwork to grab the last bits of loot from a sinking ship.  But the key thing to remember is that the ship is sinking.  The horrible side of humanity is coming out in a huge last gasp before the whole mess comes crashing down and the situation changes.  Saturn and Pluto in Aquarius IS coming, folks.  Everything is going to look shockingly different in a few years.  That doesn’t mean it will be great.  In fact, the next couple of years will be VERY rough.  But the bumpy ride is necessary to knock our heads into the right shape because we are in the middle of forming a brand new perspective here on planet Earth.  The creation of this new perspective is absolutely vital if we wish to survive in the future as a species.

Jupiter/Pluto Archetypes and Willful Collective Suicide

I recently listened to an interview of Pulitzer winner Chris Hedges discussing the current state of the world.   While he is not an astrologer, Hedges is a master at making socio-economic predictions.  Currently, the language he is using profoundly describes Jupiter/Pluto in Capricorn archetypes (as well as Saturn/Pluto archetypes).  Hedges notes that corporations and politicians are currently caught up in what neo-Freudians refer to as thanatos— the death instinct.  Corporations, he argues, no longer create;  they can only destroy.  Corporations and the oligarch elites that are in league with them (Capricorn), exist now simply to destroy (Pluto)–the environment, nation states, countries in the Middle East, democracy, and more recently during this pandemic, people’s lives as the government seeks to prematurely push people back into the economy during a dangerous time.  So there exists a confusion of destruction with creation (Jupiter-Pluto birth/death conflation). 

Hedges states that destruction stemming from thanatos or the lust for death is seductive (Pluto) and lures people in because it is intoxicating and gives one a false sense of power (Pluto).  But ultimately, the annihilation of others leads to the annihilation of self.   Globally, humanity is engaged in collective self-annihilation or as Hedges puts it, a “willful collective suicide”.  We have all known for a long time that the environment is in trouble, and yet we did nothing. We have all unwittingly colluded with a political and socio-economic system based on thanatos and now we are surprised when it finally rears up and threatens to over-take and destroy us with, among other things, a pandemic.

This year, the times when Jupiter conjoins with Pluto in Capricorn can be seen as times when thanatos is swelling in a potentially dangerous fashion.  

However, Jupiter and Pluto in Capricorn do not have the last word here.  The Capricorn energies governing the planet will switch drastically to Aquarian energies in a few years.  While this new energy brings its own problems, it does suggest that we are coming to the end of a profoundly dark thanatos cycle.  What we want to birth now is up to us.  If ever there was a time to pull out all the stops and fight for the environment, for justice, for democracy, for equality and our very lives on planet Earth, now is the time.  

So what’s the good news? 

In the meantime, life still goes on day to day.  And creating a better future depends on the actions and choices we make today.  Note that some of the planets during Taurus Season will mesh well with the planets in Capricorn this month.  The period between May 8th and May 18th might be fruitful for some of us with regards to the material side of life (money, finances, possession, property).  The Sun and Mercury in Taurus will be forming a trine to Jupiter and Pluto in Capricorn.  A few of us will be climbing back into the seats of our career and will be building up where we left off.  Others will find that you are able to make some modest gains in your financial situation.  And whether you are back at work or still at home, some of you will be finding ways to regenerate (Pluto trine) your possessions and property and will be quite literally building something new. This energy might be especially strong on May 11th when the transiting Moon hits Jupiter and Pluto in Capricorn as well.  Make hay while the sun shines, folks. 

As you attempt to re-build in the weeks ahead, remember to think long-term and be exceedingly practical and cautious (Capricorn).  The idea is to not to strive to go back to the way things were before, because that edifice is crumbling now (Saturn/Pluto conjunction).   It’s all about making new choices in order to create a different future here on planet Earth.  

See you in Gemini Season.


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