Leo Season Highlights: General Astrology Forecast for July 22-August 22, 2020 (Pacific)

General Vibe

Leo season is usually one of the most high-spirited and fun times of the year–it usually amounts to four weeks of increased joy, excitement, play, entertainment and childlike exuberance about life.  It’s the time of year when many of us crave to vacation, seek out fun, adventure or creative activities.  Of course, Leo season during a pandemic is definitely going to be a little more challenging.  Regardless, it can still can be a gift for most of us. 

So no matter what is happening in your life right now, I urge you to carve out some time to engage in something fun.  Even if difficult things are happening to you or around you, try to find a few moments to simply let go of the seriousness, gravitate toward something joyful or find an excuse to play.  If you can’t get away on a real vacation, seek out moments in your day when you can mindfully and consciously pursue something that brings you pleasure.  If you are busy with work and other obligations, try to focus on the small moments of joy that life has to offer–eg. savoring the sight of a brilliant blue sky, or the taste of some amazing fresh fruit that is in season, or the sight of a loved one smiling at you.  Focus on the things that make life worth living.

It’s also a great time to unleash your creativity.  Whatever your thing is–music, art, dance, crafting, baking, writing, building etc. –spend some time now expressing your own special creative talents.  It will likely bring you a great deal of joy and satisfaction.

Leo is an archetype that represents using your willpower to seize life and make stuff happen.  During Leo season, we all tend to feel this surge of energy to pursue our desires in life.  We usually become more optimistic and active in going after what we want.  However, this year, the energy in the cosmos is frustrating our actions somewhat.  So don’t blame yourself if despite your gung ho, can-do attitude, things don’t work out smoothly.  More info on this is below on the section called The Leo Yod.

This year, Leo Season opens up with Mercury in Cancer sextiling Uranus in Taurus on July 22, 2020.  Mercury has a little dignity here (by face) so stay open to light bulb moments where you receive a sudden flash of an idea.   The insight will come out of the blue and could provide you with a solution to something, especially if it involves family, food or finances.  Just when you feel like you are at the end of your rope, an insight might come.  Be prepared to make quick changes–when the idea strikes, you will need to act quickly to take advantage of your new idea.

Jupiter sextile Neptune and our Yearning for Fulfillment

July 27th, 2020 is a busy day, astrologically speaking. Jupiter in Capricorn sextiles Neptune in Pisces, both in retrograde motion, Venus in Gemini forms a gibbous phase quincunx with Jupiter while squaring Neptune and Mercury in Cancer squares Mars in Aries.  For months now, we have been carrying around inner daydreams of leading a better life.  We have been nurturing a yearning for a more ideal financial and career situation.  Jupiter is in the sign of his fall so these dreams and yearnings have probably been modest and fairly realistic, not grandiose–we are not wishing for a huge windfall–we’d simply be happy for just a little improvement!

These inner yearnings have been the backdrop of our days for months now, always hovering in our subconscious.  But on the 27th, they might come leaping into our conscious minds in a big way because we reach some sort of breaking point.  Our dreams of finding financial security, career success and a happy love life or social life might feel overwhelming and start making us cranky.  We are not in the mood to compromise and might start arguments in order to blow off steam due to our chronic disappointment and unfulfilled yearnings.  Topics that are especially prone to arguments include family issues and matters of nation/state. 

We might also be blaming ourselves for not being perfect enough or not having the right attitude to achieve the success we want. This isn’t really fair because due to the pandemic, a lot of circumstances are beyond one’s personal control now.  Best way to handle it?  Acknowledge your dreams and your disappointment with your current situation, but try not to take your frustration out on others.  It will be a day of making new adjustments.   If you need to get angry or assert yourself vocally then do so.  But first make sure your thoughts are not clouded by childish or self-centered emotions.  Strive to apply logic and reason now.  

Things might feel a bit better by July 31st, when the Sun trines Chiron–a good day for healing whatever ails you, especially if you set aside some time to put some conscious and directed effort into a problem.

The Start of some Important Mars Action

Preparing for Mars Retrograde

As I mentioned in my previous article on Cancer Season, Mars will be super volatile this year due to his transit through Aries, which includes a retrograde period, a conjunction with Eris and repeating squares to Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn.  The whole shebang kicks off on July 25th when Mars enters the shadow zone.  The following six weeks will give us a preview of what will happen during Mar’s retrograde period which starts on September 9th.  Pay attention to what is happening in your life regarding anger, conflict, self-assertion, self-centredness, and taking the initiative because issues that brew up between July 25th and September 9th will likely repeat off and on until the beginning of 2021.

Pay special attention to the houses in your natal chart that contain 15 degrees to 28 degrees Aries, because these areas of life are where you will feel compelled to take the initiative on something, or where you might have to fight for something or deal with stress and conflict.  An issue could develop that asks you to stand up for your rights or requires that you go against convention in some way.  You might have to take some sort of action that goes against the grain.  Try not to get too hot headed about it.  You can assert yourself without needlessly starting a war in the process. 

Also pay attention to the house in your natal chart that contains transiting Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn.  Transiting Mars in Aries will be squaring these planets off and on.  While the Aries house signifies the root of the conflict or stress you are experiencing, the Capricorn house will show the effect of the stress.   For example, if you have transiting Mars in Aries in the 2nd house and it makes a square to Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto in the 11th house in Capricorn,  money issues might be causing problems with a friend.  Or, your financial initiative might clash with the norms of a social group you belong to.  

Mars makes its first square to Jupiter in Capricorn on August 4th, and will repeat this on October 18 and Jan 23, 2021.  Also on August 4th, the Sun and Mercury in fiery Leo will trine Mars too, egging us on to over-do things.  We will be prone to making errors of excess.  Our egos will swell up and we might become overly optimistic about a situation.  We also might over-exaggerate or over-estimate our abilities.  

The result of this over-doing might become evident around August 13th when Mars will square Pluto for the first time (repeating again in Oct 29 and Dec 23, 2020).  By now we will clearly see that something is not right.   Our overly optimistic attitude droops as we realize that our situation has become problematic and in fact, perhaps even seriously problematic.  And we might become furious as a result.  Try not to lose your cool, avoid power struggles now, and do not be tempted to hit below the belt in a conflict.

August 4, 2020.  Mars makes its first square to Jupiter in Capricorn.

Mars will conjoin Eris on Aug 18th (repeating on Sept 30th and Dec 21, 2020).  If you have managed to keep your temper so far, well, don’t feel bad if you finally explode now.   Everyone will probably be in fighting mode.  While it is a good time to stand up and fight for justice, don’t lose your head completely.  Try not to be overtaken by the archetype and start fighting just for the sake of fighting or causing trouble.  And avoid stirring up animosity simply because you feel crabby or enjoy being a troll.  Besides, Mars will square Saturn for the first time on Aug 24, 2020  (repeating again on Sept 29, 2020 and Jan 21 2021) which means that whatever you try to push through will meet with resistance.  The clash will be fierce and if you try to force your way, something might break as a result.  If all your actions are being met with resistance now, you have 2 choices:  1) fight harder to get what you want (but be prepared to pay a cost for it) or 2) pause and re-consider your goal.  It’s okay to alter your plans if you need to.

As usual, the cultural and political zeitgeist will be feeling all this too.  Expect lots of conflict, clash, protests, perhaps some riots or even war-mongering.  And prepare for a long haul.  This energy of strife and conflict will not be over in a matter of weeks but instead will be months–into the new year of 2021. 

Love and Finances:  Some Bumps in the Road

Venus is in an awkward position throughout both Leo Season and Virgo Season in 2020.  This doesn’t bode very well for matters pertaining to Venus’ domain, which can include, finances, love/romance, socializing, The Arts, beauty, fashion, food and other pleasures in life.  There will be some bumps in the road in the months ahead that will require some careful negotiating.

During Leo Season (July 22-Aug 22, 2020), Venus in Gemini makes a series of pesky quincunxes which can feel infuriating at times, but can still be dealt with by making constant and steady adjustments to the irritants that arise.  You might be keenly aware of your own personal lack, failings or limitations now and will have to make extra effort in order to compensate or to achieve your goal.  During the following Virgo season (Aug 22-Sept 22, 2020), Venus then makes a series of oppositions with heavy players Saturn and Pluto, which makes matters deteriorate even worse.  Issues brewing will finally hit a wall and we might have to acknowledge that we are facing a limiting situation that cannot be bridged without a lot of effort.  You have a choice:  become aware of the people or circumstances that are blocking or limiting you now.  Be willing to see the reality of the situation.  You might have to change yourself drastically in order to remain in the situation.  If you are not willing to change, then you might need to cut your losses and leave.

On July 27th, Venus in Gemini makes a gibbous phase quincunx to Jupiter and squares Neptune.  We are full of yearning for love or money or the perfect outfit, or the perfect song or the perfect doughnut–whatever your Venus kick is.  We can see it in our mind’s eye and want it so bad we can almost taste it.  But it probably remains elusive.  Even if you do manage to find the perfect whatever, it might not take away the yearning that you have or the sense that you are fundamentally missing something.  That yearning might be coming from a place of deeper need or a spiritual hunger and we are likely to throw all kinds of material solutions at it instead of acknowledging what we really need at the soul level.  

Venus in Gemini makes a gibbous phase quincunx to Pluto on July 30th.  Wisdom and soul growth can really suck sometimes, and this might be one of those days.  Circumstances might force you to accept what you are not willing to.  Try not to fight it.  Your job is to humbly accept that you are not perfect and that you still have some things to work on.  If you don’t, you might be forced to do so on August 4th when Venus makes a gibbous phase quincunx with Saturn.  

What’s the solution?  Venus conjoins The North Lunar Node on August 5th.  It’s time to let go of some of your old beliefs.  Try to stay open-minded and curious.  Instead of trying to teach others what you think and believe, open yourself up and be willing to become the student.  Empty your cup and be willing to try on new ideas.  This means you might have to go on a fact finding mission first or study up on something, or talk to some new people.  Do it all from a place of genuine warmth and friendliness and watch the doors open in front of you.

On August 7th Venus enters the sign of Cancer.  Here she can pick up some extra strength through diginity, which at first sounds great.  But while she may be somewhat strong, her ability to act is blocked because now she will make a sign based square to Mars and an opposition to Saturn which hits exact in Virgo Season.  (In fact, Venus will even be besieged between Sept 2 through 4th when she goes from making a square from Mars to opposing Saturn.)   Finances, love/romance and socializing will likely feel stalled due to circumstances that don’t allow you to act.  Even if your romantic or financial position is fairly stable, you might still feel stymied and unable to take further action.   A lot of this might simply be due to pandemic restrictions.

On August 16th Venus makes a square aspect to Chiron in Aries.  Ouch.  Any way you slice it, this one might hurt.  The pain might come from having to make a choice between something you wish to nurture (your family, a child, a relationship, your house) –and your own needs.  Action is required.  It might hurt, or it might bring up old hurts from long ago.  Hang tight because on August 18th some fresh new and invigorating energy enters the picture when Venus sextiles Uranus in Taurus.   A sudden shift or change can happen, new energy enters the picture and you might feel some relief because something new comes to light.

Leo Yod:  Feeling Pressure to Express our Creativity in a Meaningful Way

From Aug 10th through 18th

From Aug 10th through 18th the Sun and Mercury will make a series of gibbous quincunxes to Neptune and then will make full phase quincunxes to Jupiter/Saturn/Pluto in Capricorn.  This means that the Sun and Mercury in Leo will be the apex of a travelling yod.  You might feel a strong urge to express your creative talents now, but alas, the process is not smooth and adjustments are required from you.  You might feel that what you are creating is fantastic but are bummed out because you are not getting the results or recognition you desire.  Initially, you might blame this lack of recognition on your own deficiencies or flaws (gibbous phase quincunx) to then becoming  irritable and belligerent because you blame the world and think it is all everybody else’s fault (full phase quincunx). However, reality probably lies somewhere in between. 

Regardless of whose “fault” it is, a more helpful position to take right now might be: how can I align my thinking, communications and public identity so that my creative gifts fit in with society right now?  Full phases quincunxes ask that we adjust ourselves so that we can fit in with other people or fit in with society.  So rather than assuming that the world should alter itself to suit you and your special talents, flip your perspective around and ask yourself what you can do that would actually be useful to others.  What does society need at this time?  What does the world need right now, and how can you provide it using your own special talents?  That’s what you want to pursue now.  

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