Hi–I’m Danielle McElroy, a consulting astrologer with two decades of experience doing personal consultations.  I live in British Columbia, Canada and I do readings in person or online.  I practice a mix of modern and traditional astrology including Evolutionary Astrology (Jeffrey Wolf Green method) and Traditional Horary Astrology.  

I have completed the Horary Practitioner’s course at the School of Traditional Astrology under Deborah Houlding.  I also have a BA in Sociology/Anthropology from the University of British Columbia (Okanagan).   

I am sensitive to issues regarding medical disability, plus I am a trauma-informed consultant.  I also fully support LGBTQ+ people and relationships.

As a consulting astrologer, my goal is to help you align your life with the cosmic order so that you are working with the flow of universal energy rather than working against it.  And when your life feels challenging, my goal is to help you manage the discord in positive, productive ways and to help make meaning out of the chaos. 

Regretful notification that Danielle Taylor McElroy has passed away

With heavy hearts we share the peaceful passing of Danielle Taylor McElroy (nee von Hansen) on March 3, 2022. Danielle was the owner/Astrologer of Kismet Astrology.

Danielle was born in Vernon and grew up enjoying the many beautiful beaches in the Okanagan. In 1996 she obtaineda BA in Sociology/Anthropology. She moved to rural Tappen, BC in 1999 in order to enjoy small town life and to be closer to nature. For 20 years she was a professional consulting astrologer and enjoyed helping people across the world understand their lives better from the view of Psychological and Evolutionary Astrology. Dani enjoyed spirituality, playing the piano and she loved animals and adopted a vegan lifestyle. A talent in cooking subsequently flourished as well as an interest in essential oils and aromatherapy. Her quiet and thoughtful manner touched her many friends from all backgrounds and whom she all loved dearly. She married Shawn McElroy in 2011 and is survived by her husband, her sister Maja (Jim) and brother Tom (Lori). We will forever miss her kindness, her graciousness, and her guidance in our lives. In lieu of flowers, a donation in her memory can be made to ME/CFS Project in an effort to help end the disease ME/CFS.

* This website was Danielle’s pride and joy. We are keeping her website “live” because her past articles offer a great deal of astrology information to her followers.